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World Without End - Nuclear Bombs & Chunky Peanut Butter


Uvalde Foundation For Kids Founder Pledges Lifetime Book Proceeds To Ending School Violence

There is an incredible marriage between real life & the written word readers can expect within, "World Without End, Nuclear Bombs & Chunky Peanut Butter! It is an exceptional, Inspirational read, part àutobiography - part biography, part story - Blending clever word play, thoughtful devotionals, poems, and exciting narratives - All collectively wrapped within a story of one man's ongoing search for redemption.

This 1St Edition to a complete collection, is uniquely presented by the man the Los Angeles Times deemed the, "James Dean of Modern Christian Ministry." Each page herein, reveals the public and private life of this renowned Pastor, Traveler, Author, Entrepreneur, Musician & Father.


In this collection, the at times contraversial, yet undisputed advocate for youth and current Founder & Director of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids in Texas; presents a electcic, often brief discussion on topics such as Religion, Buddhism, Surfing Chronicles & more! Overall, this is a wonderful collection of Powerful writing!s

(Global Journal)

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