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National Membership With The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Join The Movement

There are lots of benefits to becoming an individual or organizational member of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids; in addition to the satisfaction of helping students and school communities across the nation. Monthly/Annual paid memberships are another way individuals & organizations can contribute to our national mission; while also receiving exclusive membership benefits themselves including:

* Exclusive Membership Directory For You, Your School Or Business For The Length Of Membership INCLUDING Regular Recognition On Our Social Media & Other Venues
* Access To Member Only Educational & Training Seminars, Local & National Membership Socials & Other Special Events
* Membership Exclusive Newsletter* FREE GIVEAWAYS * Special Voting Rights
* Official Professional Membership Certificate
* AND MORE!!!!

Join The Uvalde Foundation For Kids with a monthly or annual membership TODAY! Together we can make our world a better place to live for students & for everyone.

*SCHOOLS, EDUCATORS & STUDENTS Automatically Receive FREE, Selected, Membership Benefits. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SITE Or Contact Us For More Information.


Professional/Group Membership

Monthly Membership: $50
Annual Membership: $500


Individual Membership

Monthly Membership: $25
Annual Membership: $200

A membership with us will ensure your role in helping us increase the value of our charitable work.

Membership: Membership
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