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Organize A Shoe Drive This School Year!

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, A 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization, Is Proud & Excited To Announce Another Way You Or Your School Can SUPPORT Our National Efforts To End Violence In America's Schools. AND IT WILL NOT COST YOU A PENNY! WHAT? Read On...

While We Appreciate & Always Are In Need Of Your Financial Support, We Also Realize That There Are Many Of You With Big Hearts, Yet Are Unable To Make A Financial Donation To Our Foundation At This Time. We Get It..

Our Fundraising Team, Has Come Up With Another Way! The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Has NOW Partnered With "GOTSNEAKERS." Their mission is to partner with the "sneaker community," to recycle and reuse quality pre-loved sneakers, while helping 501c(3) Charities such as ours, raise much needed funds.

Our sneaker drive fundraiser keeps sneakers out of landfills and reduces toxic chemicals from being released in our air and soil. All reusable sneakers from our sneaker drive fundraiser program are recirculated to secondhand markets so youth can access quality, pre-owned footwear at affordable prices. 

All heavily used and damaged footwear is recycled to reuse materials or to convert waste into new energy. Materials Are Also Recycled To Be Used To Build Or Refurbish School Playgrounds!

So???? Now You May DONATE YOUR USED SNEAKERS To Our Foundation! We then, package & ship them to Our Partners At "GOTSNEAKERS!" If You Choose To Organize A Drive In Your Area - Our "Sneaker," Team Will Provide Everything you Need, INCLUDING SHIPPING MATERIALS For A Successful Ongoing Campaign!

They, In Turn Will Send Our Foundation Up To $7 p/pair to be used for our ongoin programming! It Is yet another way you can support our programming. Send Us Your Used Sneakers/Set Up A Sneaker Drive TODAY!


Represent NonViolence & Student Safety As A Student Ambassador 

Student Ambassadors & Their Families, Represent Who We Are As A Foundation & What We Represent - A Growing, National Nonprofit Dedicated To The Prevention Of School & Student Violence In All Forms!

The Foundation Accomplishes Its Mission Through Our Programming, Response Teams, Safety Training Workshops, Student Advocacy & More. Moreover, We Are Making An Impact Through Our Student Ambassadors!

Student Ambassadors Serve As Moral Examples & Leaders Amongst Their Peers, Their Schools & Their Communities! Here Are But A Few Ways They Proove A Powerful Aspect Of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids:

- Organizing Special Fundraising Events
- Serving On Our National Speaker Panel
- Representing The Foundation At Community Events
- Serving As Program Advisors To Our Board
- Serving On Our Peer/Student Crisis Support 24 Hour Phone Line 
- Representing Their Schools, Peers & Communities On Bullying Prevention & Education
- Organizing Rallies To Raise Awareness On Student Safety Issues
- Serving On School Student STOPNOW Safety Patrol Teams & So Much More!


Join OR Organize A STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrol In Your Area!

STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrols are quite simply meant as an added community presence, meant to defer violence in school communities. Team members are trained to recognize a potentially dangerous situation creating a safery risk to students. Teams intervene by reporting information to the proper authorities if something is suspicious or occurring which may put students at risk.

STOPNOW teams are dedicated to creating encouraging & safe school communities both through its on campus & school neighborhood perimeter patrols


Join Our School Critical Incident & Mental Health Crisis Response Team (SCIRT)

Through our variety of resources; including providing emergency and followup mental health treatment, crisis intervention & counseling services, for students, staff, family members & school communities having experienced a school crisis such as those crippling our nations classrooms currently - Our Foundation serves as a response agency; dedicated to ensuring those experiencing school violence have the counseling resources immediately and ongoing to expedite what is always guaranteed to be a trauma victims ongoing healing journey.

Mental health care team members dedicate a specific amount of time with on call hours of service to our school communities based on their availability monthly. This is accomplished virtually, via telephone counseling & when able, in person.

Our team mental health professionals provide crisis mental health support services at no cost to those individuals we serve. Team members volunteer a specific amount of PROBONO hours to serve in such capacity and are available either through our virtual counseling option or in person as arranged. Team members also volunteer on our 24 hour national school crisis phone line.

Will you join our efforts to end school violence and forever, positively alter the course of a student life? We think you can. JOIN US TODAY!

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Make A Donation TODAY!

Support The Uvalde Foundation For Kids With A TAX DEDUCTABLE Financial Donation! Thank You!


Join The 'A MILLION VOICES' Revolution Today!

'A Million Voices' Campaign Unifies Students Across The Country In Addressing School Violence! Across Cities, State Lines - From East coast To West Coast - From The Hills Of Kentucky To The Streets Of Los Angeles!

This student driven initiative unites students & school communities unlike any other. Students from diverse school communities across the United States, ranging from elementary schools to universities and spanning urban to rural areas, are uniting through The Uvalde Foundation For Kids' "A Million Voices Campaign" to address a pressing issue - school violence. Join US! The Goal? ONE MILLION VOICES!

This national petition & call to action, signed by students and supporters from across the United States is perhaps the largest student initiated signature & call to action campaign historically to address the culture of violence in America. It aims to both unite students and school commuunities across the nation in addessing school violence IN ALL FORMS.

Overseen by the Uvalde Foundation For Kids Student Ambassador program, this effort urges our educational institutions to commit towards implementing at least one NEW action this school year that can help break the cycle of violence disrupting our futures and our classrooms! Likewise, it urges our national leaders to view school violence from a wider scope than simply, "Gun Control."

Following this 6 month campaign, the school or student, selected from across the nation, who collects the most petition signatures or "Calls to Action," will receive a financial scholarship & official recognition for their dedication to student safety.


images - 2023-11-11T110039.154.jpeg

Join Student Ambassador, Ms. Keely Lotz & "The Kindness Project!"

The Kindness Project: Ending Bullying - One Paint Brush At A Time," under the leadership of Student Ambassador, Ms. Keely Lotz, out of Arizona; is designed; through the creation of art murals & projects in schools nationwide, to spread messages of kindness and compassion, with the goal of preventing bullying, bullying related student suicide & school violence.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed in response to the May 2022 Uvalde, Texas school shooting & dedicated to preventing school violence; has created grassroots project such as "The Kindness Project," to enhance programming & partnerships with schools across the country; so that students themselves & their school communities overall, have a practical, creative avenue whereby to become engaged in changing the culture of violence, which manifests in so many forms (e.g. bullying) within our schools and student population.


Get Involved: GET INVOLVED
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