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Walker County, Alabama Deputy Sheriff Receives National Award For Heroism

Updated: Apr 30

Walker County, Alabama Deputy Sheriff Receives National Award For Heroism

This is an example of the vision I had when I ran for office: to collaborate with the superintendent and board to place deputies in schools. Below is an excerpt from an email I received regarding the SRO (School Resource Officer) and deputies' swift actions. The effective partnership between the SRO and Oakman School has been instrumental in keeping everyone safe by following established training procedures and protocols.
- Sheriff Nick Smith

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is especially excited to present this particular recognition. So much of what law enforcement across this nation are finding themselves faced with is responding to so many tragic incidents across this nation on campuses in towns small and large. And, truly, so many heroic responses from so many men and women who carry a badge, on and off our campuses, have come from departments across the nation.


In this particular incident, the heroic response, however, came BEFORE an incident ever reached a school campus. That action on the part of this officer; remains a daunting combination of awareness, training and empathy. Did we mention Heroism? This action reflects what should be the goal of all - Keep the violence out of our schools!

Congratulations 🎉 to this heroic officer, the department he serves & the school community who supports them daily. We salute you all!


Full Story: ABC 33/40


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