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Meet Some Of Our National Team

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Daniel "Bodhi" Chapin

Founder & CFO

Throughout his life & professional career, our founder, Mr. Daniel Chapin has successfully combined his natural altruism with real-life experience as well as rigorous training in various fields in order to better effect social change for students and youth throughout the nation.

Demonstrating his concern for the mental well-being of others, he attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles as well the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, where he became board certified in acute traumatic and critical incident stress management. That knowledge he applied as Rehabilitation Specialist at the Mental Health Association of Orange County, Critical Incident Stress Coordinator & First Responder Chaplain For Lynch Ambulance In Anaheim, Ca, Crisis Chaplain for Anaheim General hospital; among other notable organizations.

Mr. Chapin’s work has extended also, however, as a certified pastoral counselor, TIPS-certified specialist in drug/alcohol abuse prevention, and as a certified teenager/child grief counselor. 
Mr. Chapin has served as an arraignment interviewer for the deaf & hearing impaired for the Orange County Public Defender's Office in Santa Ana, California, while also working with CSP Youth Shelters In Southern California working with homeless & "At Risk students, has run several drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs throughout Orange County, California for youth & is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Specific to aiding youth and adults dealing with traumatic loss, Mr. Chapin received training in grief intervention and recovery management through Long Beach, California Grief Resources & Suicide Intervention through the City of Santa Ana California.

A published author & national speaker Mr. Chapin, first stepped into a classroom in east Los Angeles in 1992 at Sacred Heart High School & his dedication to youth, their safety & futures continues today. 

Our Founder is a father first and when not working for students; he can often be found surfing in Southern California or enjoying time in his studio in Central Texas.


Dr Michael Stevens

President & Founding Board Member

Dr. Stevens grew up in a Military family and fell in love with San Antonio when his parents were stationed at Fort Sam Houston. Upon graduation from High School, Dr. Stevens moved back to San Antonio, to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio. While in college, he met and married his wife of 19 years and together, they are raising three amazing boys in the beautiful city of Helotes. 


For 12 years, Dr. Stevens worked in our Texas public school system at both the high school and adult education level as an ELA teacher and an instructional coach. Dr. Stevens has also worked in the private school sector as a campus administrator. 


In addition to being an educator, Dr. Stevens has served as a licensed Minister at his church for the past 17 years and held the office of Regional Director of Children's Ministry, overseeing the Children's Ministries of hundreds of churches across South Texas.  


Dr. Stevens holds a Bachelor's Degree in English, a Master's degree in Education/Teacher Leadership, a Doctorate Degree in Education/Curriculum and Instruction, is a certified teacher and a certified administrator.
The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is thankful for his leadership, experience & heart for students. everywhere.


Rebecca Engle

Founding Board Member - Bullying Prevention Program & Outreach

Ms. Rebecca Engle has been a truly valued member of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids family since 2022. Rebecca oversees and promotes the foundation's bullying prevention programs & initiatives.

Rebecca Engle was born a military child, however was raised most of her life in San Antonio, Texas. She is graduating from the University of The Incarnate Word in December 2023 while working towards her alternative certificate to teach special education then Rebecca is headed to grad school. Rebecca also public speaks nation wide on learning disabilities and mental health & oversees and promotes the foundation bullying prevention programs and initiatives.

Rebecca understands the impact of bullying firsthand. Rebecca was bullied all the way up until the day she graduated high school. Even graduating a year early to escape the pain caused for a new environment. Rebecca got motivated to end bullying early on in 5th grade when she complained about being bullied and was told to seek counseling because her teacher could do little about it.

"Bullying prevention is a crucial aspect of creating safe and nurturing school environments. To increase effectiveness in this area, schools can implement comprehensive anti-bullying programs that focus on education, awareness, and intervention. This is as simple as creating peer support mentoring and conflict resolution skills. By fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and open communication among students, staff, and parents, schools can play an essential role in reducing bullying incidents and promoting a positive school climate.

As an educator, it is important to implement anti-bullying values into your classroom and lessons to encourage a classroom community. Implementing activities that educate students about forms of bullying and its consequences is key to a safe and healthy school environment."(Rebecca Engle)


Dakota Powell

Board Secretary & Administrative Intern (UMHB)

Ms. Dakota Powell began interning with our foundation as a Senior at the Universities of Mary Hardin-Baylor (UMHB). Crrently studying to get my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Mass Communication/Public Relations and a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, Dakota plans to work in either government affairs or sports media.

Dakotas internship with our foundation has been with a focus on the administration side of Public Relations as well as help with research, social media ideas, and events ideas.. Much of our current school violence national case studies & even our website design & maintenance is a result of Dakota's hard work & dedication.


Autumn Cazier

Founding Board Member - Performing Arts Director - Volunteer Coordinator (Pennsylvania)

Our foundation's Performing Arts Program Board Member & Director Ms. Autumn Marie CazierAt the age of 17, initially wrote her production of "4/20/99" as a student written one-act in twelfth grade, opening to great reviews at Olympus High School for two performances in January, 2018. Since then, it has become a two hour full-length, two act, production that has recieved nationwide recognition.

As a secondhand survivor of gun violence, Autumn Cazier has firsthand experience in the understanding and realness of the sheer impact that an event such as Columbine & other violent school events has brought onto individuals all over the world & uses her talent & the powerful platform of the performance arts to maintain & advance the mission of the foundation through the powerful platform of the Performing Arts.


Evette Meadows

Honorary Student Ambassador - Program Advisor - National Speaker Network (Texas)



James Earle

Founding Board Member - STOP NOW School Patrol National Director



Lupita Hernandez

Founding Board Member - Mental Health Crisis Team Advisor

Lupita Hernandez has been a critical driving force in our developing programming & critical fundraising efforts to increase our ability to focus on the education and implementation of mental health care for students in schools across the countey. This both for overall level of student care as well as in trauma/crisis student behavioral response. Our foundation continues to value Lupita's input & leadership moving forward.

A retired U.S. Marine Lupita Hernandez, as a means to combat her own struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression following her service in the U.S. military began to use running as a means of dealing with her struggles & healing.. As someone battling PTSD and depression, Lupita understands the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body. 


Emily Burke

Founding Board Member - Scholarship Committee



The Mclendon Family

Founder's Board - Student Ambassador (Eli/Whitney) (Texas)



Deidre Salisbury & Family

Student Ambassador (Lain) - National Advisory Board (Texas)



Daniel Sanders

Founder's Board/National Advisory Board (Massachusetts)

At age 14 while still too young to be drafted, Daniel Sanders joined The War Resister League and became actively involved in peacefully protesting the Vietnam War. After becoming close friends with Philip and Daniel Berrigan; Jesuit priests well known worldwide for their antiwar and anti-nuclear activities and Elizabeth McAlister a former nun & leading peace activist; Daniel resided for years at Jonah house started by Philip and Elizabeth.

Jonah House has been specifically regarded as a prime example of a Catholic Worker House of Resistance. Daniel also collaborated with another good friend & renowned activist, Mitch Snyder; American advocate for the homeless. Mitch was the subject of a made-for-television 1986 biopic, Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story, starring Academy Award winner, Actor. Martin Sheen.

Daniel has been actively involved in Washington DC with The Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) & in addition to being an author & professional blogger, has worked in broadcasting as an on-air personality on and off for almost 60 years; including in three major US markets. LA, New York, and Boston. 


Keely Lotz & Family

Student Ambassador - "The Kindness Project," Coordinator - National Advisory Board (Arizona)



Makeila Collins

Founder's Board - Administration/Public Relations



Jeff Syracuse

National Advisory Board (Tennessee)

Mr. Jeff Syracuse serves as an integral part of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids as both our Nashville, Tennessee liason & as a board member of the foundation's national advisory board. As such, Jeff ensures the accountability & sustainability of the foundations mission and programming. 

Jeff calls Nashville, Tennessee home since 1998, moving there to complete his music degree at Middle Tennessee State University. He went on to complete his MBA in Technology Management from the Nashville campus of the University of Phoenix, located in Donelson. Jeff helped form one of the largest Neighborhood Watch Networks in the county with 17 households in Donelson Hills serving as Watch Captains.

Jeff’s community service has continued through leadership of several non-profit organizations and was elected President of the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce in 2013. Jeff has held two successful terms on Metro Council representing District 15 in Nashville, Tn. 

More recently, Jeff was instrumental in organizing a special, successful session with Nashville Metro Council on Health & Safety to address school safety & gun violence following the Covenant School Shooting In Nashville, Tn.

Smiling Businessman

Dr. Mark Malober

Founder's Board



Ashley Masey

LPC Intern - 888 Crisis Line (Texas)


We’re always looking for intelligent, kind, and dedicated people to join our team. Get in touch to learn more about The Uvalde Foundation For Kids opportunities.

Board Of Directors: Board Of Directors
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