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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids School Crisis Response Teams (SCRT) National Responses: May 2022 - Present

Since The Robb Elementary School Tragedy in Uvalde, Texas in May 2022 - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids special team of volunteer School Crisis Response Team (SCRT) members; comprised of professionals & trained volunteers, responded to violent student related incidents at the below listed school campuses communities, including 14 states from across the country.

Foundation team members - From a variety of backgrounds & expertise; including student peers, mental health professionals, teachers, school safety experts, parents & school community members; organized to provide NO COST emergency mental health care resources, Chaplaincy/spiritual grief services, bullying support & resources, independent school safety/bullying & student suicide investigations, volunteer campus safety patrols & general emergency gun violence crisis response support services.

Robb Elementary School (TX)
The Covenant School (TN)
Michigan State University (MI)
Benjamin Franklin High School (NY)
Denver East High School (CO)
Starts Right Here Charter School (IA)
North Pines Middle School (WA)
Monroe Middle School (MI)
East Lansing High School (MI)
Stewart County Middle School (TN)
CVPA High School (MO)
Richneck Elementary School (VA)
FW Holbein Middle School (NJ)
West Geauga High School (OH)
Westfield High School (TX)
Montgomery High School (CA)
Roxborough High School (PA)
Logan High School (OH)
Harding High School (MN)
Huguenot High School (OH)
Choctaw High School (OK)
Port Allen High School (LA)
Morgan State University (VA)
Savannah High School (GA)
Aqsa School (IL)
Pulaski Middle School (VA)
Belmont University (TN)
Charlottesville High School (VA)
University of Nevada - Las Vegas (NV)
Perry High School (IA)

SCRT Responses: SCRT Responses
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