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Uvalde Foundation To Release Winnie The Pooh School Violence Prevention Book

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids; a national nonprofit organization, formed following the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas; announced Friday afternoon from its Dallas, Texas Headquarters, That It Is Releasing Its School Violence Prevention Book, Entitled, "Winnie The Pooh & Kindness - A Thousand Acres School Manual To Prevent Violence."

The Foundation Release Noted That The Book Will Feature Winnie the Pooh and other Characters; Including A New Character Called, "Kindness," From The Thousand Acre Woods As They Navigate Discussions On School Violence; Including Prevention, Bullying & More At Their Thousand Acre Woods School & Is Being Distributed To Ignite Discussion & Positive Action Amongst Parents & Their Children While Serving As A Positive Tool For School Use As Well, Beginning In The Fall 2023/2024 School Year..

The Foundation Stated That The Book Release Is Meant To Counter The Negative Reactions Of Another Recent Winnie The Pooh Story - "Run, Hide, Fight," Which Foundation Officials Say Focuses More On Response Rather Than Prevention & Was Met With Troubling Reviews Following Its Untimely Distribution Recently At Dallas ISD In Texas.

Dedicated to preventing school violence nationwide through a variety of independent & collaboratIve programming; the foundation further stated in their press announcement:

"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Supports All schools across the nation; in preparing students to respond effectively in the event of a school shooting or other violent event. However, this book starts where education truly begins- the family unit. It is about PREVENTING school violence & addressing, through these beloved childhood characters the many faces of violence, including bullying & the ways parents and students can prevent it.

This release is focused on changing a culture of violence that is becoming more and more normalized."


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids



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