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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Offers Support Following Morgan State University Shooting (MD)

Press Announcement

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Tuesday, October 4 2023 (945am)

National/Baltimore, MD


The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) (MD) responded to an active shooter incident at Morgan State University (MSU) on Tuesday night. The Uvalde Foundation For Kids National (CIRT) Critical Incident Response Team has been advised and are monitoring the current active situation. We also acknowledge the numerous calls from members of the campus community and are responding appropriately.

The foundation's National Director, Daniel Chapin who personally reached out after the incident to MSU University President to offer his support on behalf of the foundation; also noted in a press announcement, "Currently our foundation is concerned and focused on assisting in the initial defusing and debriefing of the school community during this critical time; allowing for school and law enforcement officials to do their job; while immediately providing more tangible national support through our available resources such as: trauma counseling, dissemination of information resources and volunteer support - All in addition to the resources provided by school officials and first responders."

CBS NEWS: Uvalde Foundation For Kids Offering Assistance To Students/School Community After Shooting At Morgan State University:


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464 AVAILABLE NOW




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