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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Halts Planned Nashville HS Demonstration Following MNPS Response


28 September 2023 1235am cst (National)

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Commends Late But Meaningful MNPS Response To John Overton HS Threats & Communication Response Concerns Halts Planned Rally


Responding to a late Wednesday afternoon release by MNPS in Nashville, Tennessee, surrounding recent events at John Overton HS; the nonprofit, Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a student safety focused & advocacy organization out of Texas; has postponed a planned Thursday morning, 9am rally, scheduled to be held at MNPS district offices. 

Foundation officials clarified in the release that the rally was originally scheduled to be held at John Overton HS itself. However, following  discussions which finally began developing late Wednesday morning between the foundation's National Director, Daniel Chapin & Lt. Jason Picanzo with MNPS School Safety; the foundation agreed to relocate attendees & demonstrators to the district offices. This so as to avoid disrupting student activities & focus. 


Several hours later, following a release forwarded to the foundation, by MNPS & distributed to local/national media, the foundation canceled the rally, indefinitely. 

In a statement, Director Chapin of the foundation explained the decision, applauding the, "Meaningful," albeit "Delayed," response by MNPS stating:

"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids and those concerned, commend the meaningful & empathetic - albeit delayed - response by MNPS following safety protocol concerns and more specifically, MNPS communication response concerns held by our foundation & several Overton HS parents & community members, following this week's threats at the school. 
While our foundation maintains that the district and school would do their students well to review recent incidents further to enhance their communication response timeliness and effectiveness - based on the recent commitment by MNPS, as addressed in their releases - Our foundation can only trust they have begun that very process. That noted I have directed our teams to halt all planned rallies and demonstrations at this time.
Our foundation's national mission to end the epidemic of school violence on all levels, including threats of violence against our students, wherever their classrooms might be; always strives to work with, collaborate and support overwhelmed schools systems & their dedicated staff.
As needed, we do not fear demonstrations or rallies as originally planned at Overton HS to ensure concerned students or families voices are heard & heeded. However, we contend that these actions are a last resort and are pleased to see that requests made of the school are being more specifically, empathetically and methodically addressed by MNPS.
Over the summer, as our foundation joined community members, leaders and organizations such as MOMS DEMAND ACTION from throughout Nashville for a series to address school violence; our foundation was impressed at the dedication Nashville has shown since the Covenant School tragedy to its students. We are renewed in our encouragement once again. We stand with Nashville."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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