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Uvalde Foundation For Kids To Commemorate 20 Year Anniversary Of Cold Spring, MN School Shooting

For Immediate Release UPDATED

22 September 2023 (National/Minnesota)

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids national nonprofit, formed following the May 2022 Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting released Friday morning that is placing a national call for reflection on the anniversary of the Cold Spring, Minnesota school shooting which occurred this Sunday, 20 years ago, September 24th 2003. ROCORI High School students Aaron Rollins and Seth Bartell were killed in the incident.


The foundation, dedicated to ending school violence released that it is planning a 2 minute moment of silence to be held at all its national chapters, beginning at 1135am, Sunday, September 24th and is calling upon the Cold Spring & national community to participate.

Foundation National Director, Daniel Chapin, released a statement on the upcoming anniversary stating, "20 Years Ago this Sunday, 2 promising lives were lost to gun violence. It was not the first time and it was not the last. Far too often, our society can forget that each students life lost to these senseless acts of gun violence in this country, has a rippling effect; timeless over the years. More important than the changes and safety measures these events, these tragic losses, might motivate; is that we remember the lives and legacies, smiles, hopes and dreams of those both lost and left behind. These alone should motivate us and serve as a reminder to all of us, regardless of how much time covers the memorials, that we have much work to do still, America."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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