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National NonProfit Requests Forum At NJ State Board Of Education Anti-Bullying Task Force Hearing

National nonprofit, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed following the Uvalde, Texas school shooting in May 2022; announced in a release, Sunday morning that it has requested a special audience to participate at a virtual NJ State Board Of Education October 5th Anti-Bullying Task Force Hearing in Trenton, NJ.

The foundation, dedicated to ending school violence; including bullying, has been involved in 2 seperate highly publicized school bullying cases earlier this year in NJ; including a hunger strike to protest the handling of the Mt Holly, NJ case of Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez, who committed suicide following ongoing bullying at her middle school & the seperate case of Adrianna Kuch.

Officials noted in the release that they will present school bullying prevention recommendations, specific to NJ schools based on its overall investigations, to the panel; including a request for the formation of a national school & agency advisory council; overseen by the current task force; to funnel attention on bullying prevention through education in NJ schools; with specific attention on mental health aspects of bullying, identifying 'at risk' students and clarifying the  relationship between bullying & student suicide.

National Director & Founder of the foundation:

"New Jersey as a whole has taken immense, commendable strides in addressing bullying I'm its schools. However, there are quite a few districts who are missing the mark. Likewise, NJ joins a fraternity of several states witnessing an increase of students committing suicide due to bullying; and a moreso disturbing trend in our research which shows all too often warning signs were missed or ignored. Yet it is more than just holding schools accountable for a generic understanding of bullying that has become more dynamic over the years. Schools must be empowered themselves by their distrcits to address the issue accurately and aggressively."

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