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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids STOPNOW School Patrols

Updated: Sep 6

An Overview Of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrols

Newport News, Virginia - Denver, Colorado - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Nashville, Tennessee - Bell County, Texas - Las Vegas, Nevada - Richmond, Virginia - Sonoma County, California - Chesterland, Ohio

What Are STOPNOW volunteer school patrols??

Volunteers patrol about a block around school campuses each morning, afternoon and end of school day. Their presence is meant to defer violence in school communities. Team members are trained to recognize a dangerous situation to students and intervene by telling the proper authorities if something is suspicious. STOPNOW teams are dedicated to creating encouraging & safe school communities both through its on campus & perimeter patrols.

STOPNOW Patrols have been growing quickly.

There are teams forming in Texas, California, Colorado, Ohio, Tennessee among others. The group is always looking for more volunteers.

What is the inspiration behind national STOPNOW Patrols?

The National STOPNOW Patrols program was inspired by the GUARDIAN ANGELS, Anti-Crime, Community Policing Unit Begun in New York City in 1979.

How are volunteers recruited?

Volunteers are recruited via the Uvalde Foundation For Kids main website and social networking platforms as well as via local/National media organizations. Of course we recruit volunteers through word of mouth amongst the school communities we serve and reach out to.

Are volunteers vetted/qualified?

Volunteers are not automatically added onto a volunteer patrol team. As with all of foundation national programs & outreach activities, interested individuals are interviewed initially & asked to fill out an official application with the foundation which includes personal information and allowance for a background check. In particular the foundation vetts individuals through that process; which also includes clearing individuals through national child protection networks such as Megan's Law, etc. Individuals are also required to pass a drug screening.

Once an individual clears that initial process, they are interviewed again and ultimately a decision is made regarding their involvement on the STOPNOW team or any foundation programming. Team members are we required to undergo initial & ongoing training in areas such as situational awareness, etc.. No team member is ever armed, however is trained in basic self defense as well as CPR.

Does the Uvalde Foundation Coordinate with the school and law enforcement about their plans to organize school patrols?

The process is multileveled. As noted above, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids first researches to see if the public, most importantly the direct school community (Parents/Students/Faculty), have a student safety concern at a particular school and/or desire for our teams presence, our dissemination of the information, intent and call for volunteers. It is important to note that STOPNOW TEAMS are not law enforcement nor have affiliation nor connection with law enforcement activities or authority as such.

Obviously, as our foundation works with schools and districts across the nation, we respect and understand necessary protocols in place; particularly when it comes to school & student safety; along with the permissions required for on campus activities or collaboration.

While our foundation does have an on campus volunteer patrol program - STOPNOW patrols, by design are meant to prevent potential student safety issues from ever reaching students campus.

Hence, our patrols, unless a part of our on campus invitation programs; operate off school or district properties. Hence, these patrols Do Not Seek Nor Require Individual School Or District Sanctioning or Permission To Operate. These are neighborhood "citizen," school patrols and postings in the areas around school properties. Many of the volunteers are parents & school community members who live & work within the very neighborhoods we patrol.

As with all foundation programs, STOPNOW teams always seeks to collaborate with individual schools where patrols are being planned or considered on campus. Team members have local law enforcement contact while on patrols, along with information pertaining to school administration contacts should a concern arise.

STOPNOW patrol members seek to serve more as an encouraging community support patrol for returning students moreso than a security presence; although that is a positive side effect.  However - Should a potential threat be observed to student/school safety; team members are trained to report to law enforcement & school personnel immediately.

Team members are additionally directed to not engage students directly unless approached and are focused on ensuring noninterference with school/student flow. No team member carries weapons and all teams patrol in a minimum group of 2-6.

Denver East High School STOPNOW JULY 2023 Update (Denver, Colorado):

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Huguenot High School STOPNOW TEAMS Update (Richmond, Virginia)

White Oak High School (NC) STOPNOW Update:

Where will the patrols be located at schools and what is the scope of these patrols?

STOPNOW patrols occur off school campus grounds unless invited as a part of our on campus program. Patrol members are distinguished by their UVALDE FOUNDATION FOR KIDS TSHIRTS/VESTS. 

How long will the patrols last in the course of a school day and year?

Of course this depends in part on need and volunteer availability. However, planned time frames are set for the opening school hour, lunchtime and the closing school hour. Regarding length of school year patrols are anticipated; the foundation likes these teams to be sustainable throughout the year for relationship and sustainability of effect purposes.  

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