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Using Art to Prevent School Bullying, Student Suicide & School Violence


11 November 2023


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids & its student Ambassador Program, announced Saturday, November 11th 2023, from its Texas headquarters, the launch of a new, student led, bullying & violence prevention project; now available to schools nationwide!

"The Kindness Project: Ending Bullying - One Paint Brush At A Time," under the leadership of Student Ambassador, Ms. Keely Lotz, out of Arizona; is designed; through the creation of art murals & projects in schools, to spread messages of kindness and compassion, with the goal of preventing bullying, bullying related student suicide and school violence.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed in response to the May 2022 Uvalde, Texas school shooting & dedicated to preventing school violence; noted in the announcement Saturday, that through more grassroots projects such as "The Kindness Project," with a specific focus on Arizona schools but through partnerships with schools across the country; students themselves & their school communities overall, have a practical, creative avenue whereby to become engaged themselves in changing the culture of violence, which manifests in so many forms (e.g. bullying) within our schools and student population.

In a statement, founder Daniel Chapin elaborated on the project mission, applauding the idea by Student Ambassador Lotz stating, "The Uvalde Foundation For Kids believes that when we address through a students own creativity & talents; like art the mentalities & the dangerous culture in today's America that feeds the behaviors within our schools such as bullying, student isolation, etc., we can create meaningful change in creating safe and positive environments overall.
Furthermore, we also faithfully do our job as true educators in providing students with meaningful, productive, nonviolent ways to navigate the pressures & influences involved in growing up in today's world; inside & outside the classroom."


Context on Uvalde shooting and its impact on the community - Could bullying intervention prevented the shooting itself? What about other school shootings?

Uvalde Foundation For Kids formed in response, to promote healing through community programs, advocacy, safety training, school crisis response & more.

Mural project aims to engage students themselves in creating welcoming, uplifting environments in schools and encourage kindness.


Meaningful Locations for Murals




Other high-traffic areas


Impactful Murals

Uplifting messages, inspirational quotes

Images promoting kindness and inclusion

Engaging, vibrant visuals

Student and Community Involvement

Students oversee & help design/paint murals

Schools allocate at least one administrator & one student/project representative as "Liason."

Local artists volunteer their talents

Community members assist with project

Spreading Messages Beyond the Murals

School assemblies about kindness

Classroom activities reinforcing themes

Sharing photos of murals on social media

Measuring the Project's Impact

Surveys of students, teachers, staff

Tracking reports of bullying incidents

Observation of student behavior



By channeling student creativity into positive messages of kindness and compassion, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids' mural project aims to foster welcoming school environments that embrace all students and nurture a culture of nonviolence.


'I knew that's where a lot of people went to cry': Valley student paints positive messages on school bathroom walls:



To get your school involved or to donate to the Uvalde Foundation For Kids' mural project (supplies, etc.) contact Student Ambassador, Ms Keely Lotz.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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