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Welcome From The Founder Of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

On behalf of my staff, volunteers, board members & friends across the nation, I would like to introduce officially, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids. We are a 501c(3) nonprofit Foundation, based right here in Central, Texas & growing nationwide. Our mission is quite simple & we believe you share the same one - To end school violence & enrich the lives of our nation's students - one school, one community, one life at a time.

At the heart of our 501c(3) Nonprofit Charity is a dedication in theory and practice to saving our students lives and futures. We understand, that to end violence we must address the varying levels it shows itself, both inside and outside classroom doors.. Ending school violence, or any violence for that matter, cannot happen simply by building more fences or having a stronger school or community police presence. The outward acts of violence, such as what occurred that May day in Uvalde, Texas are but a symptom and a horrible expression of so much more.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids offers a multilevel approach to ending the violence plaguing our nations students. From our STOPNOW School Safety Patrols program, to our Antibullying program, to our 24 hour local and national crisis team - Our organization & approach to ending violence; much like our volunteers & partners, is diverse, compassionate, dedicated & effective. Effective so much as we work tirelessly and together.

Uvalde - Sandy Hook - Columbine...

41 School shootings on or at proximity to where we send our kids to school so far in 2022.

After Uvalde, myself and many others from across the country; began to ask ourselves if Uvalde would become like another Columbine and so many others - A media highlight, some small change and then well, the world moved on. We say enough! THAT DOES NOT WORK! The world cannot keep moving on without FINALLY addressing this issue on all levels unless we wish to move on while we bury more of our sons and daughters.

At the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, we seek to take this mission beyond Uvalde to the nation.. We say STOP the violence - NOW before one more life is lost! And we will remember and honor the 21 lost there and in heartbroken communities across the nation through our work.

I mentioned earlier a bit about our programs. These are designed to be PROACTIVE as opposed to REACTIVE in nature. Our varied experiences and research dictates that a "grassroots," aggressive and multifaceted approach to ending school violence is necessary.

Further, we believe that the very expressions of violence are a symptom of a deeper indoctrination in our society & in individuals which we will work tirelessly to change... Now, empowered with this knowledge maybe we can make a difference. Not politically minded but children minded - family minded - what maybe our world somehow, though jaded; can somehow remember from a different time.

It is my hope that one day our Foundation does not have to exist. Until then, hopefully, together with you; we will make a difference in the lives of our students & their futures.... They deserve it....


Daniel Chapin


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464 



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