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⛱️ Summer (Well, almost) 😊 at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids: May 16th - August 1st 2024

It's ⛱️ Summer (Well, almost) 😊 here at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids. The approach of summer break, assuredly has our students "Crazy ready," as one of our student ambassadors would say; to leave the classroom behind & hit the beaches or lakes (or sleep all day) or perhaps, simply hang out with friends. Whatever the plans students may have, the time is almost here!

Likewise, our foundation board, team members & volunteers are ready to do the same!!!! Some updates on that.. 


Beginning May 16th - August 1st this year, our general offices, including our chapter offices nationwide, will be closed for summer break. Foundation STOPNOW school patrols will also break during this time; as most schools across the country will have closed for the summer. However, STOPNOW patrols are being tiered down this week and next, as various schools are letting out on differing schedules and we wish to remain a vigilant presence as they dismiss for the summer.

Additionally, as our interns & many of our phone support team members are also leaving for various parts of the nation for the summer vacation, foundation phone lines will only be available for crisis emergency support, until we resume our regular schedule of duties and operations come August. 


During the process of our national relaunch late last year, one of the considerations we had was allowing our foundation team across the country time to pause on occasion, from this daunting task we each have undertaken, including myself. And, summer break affords us this opportunity as schools are generally closed nationwide, outside of special events, etc. Additionally, this break allows our board and development teams to regroup strategically and plan for school to resume...


I am excited and honored to announce that I myself will be taking time this summer break in South Dakota. I have attached a link below, but in brief, I will be spending some time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and a few others, researching and learning about the reservations schools and the recently highlighted challenge to the safety and welfare of students on several reservations in South Dakota.

I hope to learn much from this experience & offer our foundations solidarity & contributions with students across those reservations.


Foundation challenges SD Governor, Kristi Noem - Offers Support To Tribal Leaders:


That noted, you can also find me surfing this summer along either the Texas or California coast. And, like most all of us, I still have to work my regular paying job occasionally, so the bills are paid. ALAS! 😊 

In closing, I wish you each a wonderful summer break. Thank you for your service to students everywhere. You each inspire and humble me. See you in August!!!!!


Daniel Chapin, Founder

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

254 206 9089



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