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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Vows To Protect Chicago's Islamic Day School Following Threats


20 October 2023 (Illinois/National)

National NonProfit Formed Following the Uvalde, Texas School Shooting, Launches STOPNOW School Patrols Following Threat At Bridgeview Islamic Day School


BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. - Aqsa School is an Islamic day school in Bridgeview, and is attended by many Palestinian and Palestinian-American students. The school has moved as of Friday to e-learning Friday after receiving what its principal described as a "threatening hate letter."

The national nonprofit, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, dedicated to ending school violence; announced in a Friday morning followup release, that it will begin immediate recruitment for community volunteers to join its STOP NOW Volunteer School Patrols, planned for the School community. The nonprofit noted that the school patrols are part of a nationwide grassroots effort by the foundation to prevent violence from coming onto & disrupting school campuses and endangering student lives.

Foundation National Director noted in the release, "There is no place for violence, no place for hate in any school in America. And all students here, regardless of culture, religion, background or world conflicts; should feel safe to study and pursue their dreams. The foundation is heartbroken that these students would face unjustifiable threats, disrupting their lives. We are confident in the school administration and local law enforcements abilities and hearts toward their students and seek to serve, as in other districts across the nation, as an additional resource and platform of empowerment for school communities to collectively unite in protecting their kids.
This is now a time for school communities across Chicago and nationally to come together in peace to protect the very lives, much less the future hope for our students. Sadly, the tensions of so many miles away have Infiltrated our classrooms.
The very institutions meant for open communication and teaching our youth to live and connect together across cultures and backgrounds; are now being closed due to threats of violence. This against the very youth we hope to guide us globally toward peace. It must end! And it ends beginning with what we each choose or choose not to do, not simply in our own school, neighborhood, place of worship or home - but across boundaries, states and nations..."

The foundation noted that the school patrols are currently planned at several historically troubled schools or those effected by violence; and slated for the opening weeks of the 2023/2024 school year as well as weekly throughout the academic year, including the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennesseeand Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia.

Modeled after the GUARDIAN ANGELS community policing unit in NYC In the 1980s, STOPNOW teams; such as planned, patrol school perimeters; serving as an additional level of positive student and community engagement, while also as additional deterrents to potential dangers to students.

Team members are not armed, receive criminal background and drug clearance, are trained in situational awareness, CPR and basic intervention techniques...

Unless a part of the foundation's on campus program, teams do not enter school grounds & do not seek/require school or district collaboration.


Stop Now Patrols:

Potential volunteers are encouraged to contact the foundation to sign up for team patrols.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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