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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Joins Growing List Of Nonprofits Limiting Metta/Facebook

Updated: Jan 4, 2023


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Has Joined A Growing Number Of Nonprofit Organizations From Around The Country Who Will Have Removed Their Primary Marketing & Fundraising Campaigns From The Metta/Facebook Social Media Platform.

An Official Statement From Our National Director, Mr. Daniel Chapin, Released December 25 2022:

"The potential For data leaks, interference by foreign or domestic "Robots," the sharing of donor information for paid marketing purposes or an unwillingness to stop the spread of conspiracy theories, hate speech and the glorification of violence; leaves Facebook consistently on the wrong side.. These Factors, Coupled With The Increasingly Low Quality Of User Engagement, Fail To Meet The Level Of Education, Maturity & Focus Our Mission Requires.

Hence, After Much Research On The Effectiveness & Actual Quality Of This Social Networking Platform, It Has Been Decided To Move Into Other Avenues Of Fundraising and Marketing; For Our Foundation, To Ensure Proper Movement Forward With Our Programming & Connecting With The Communities We Serve."


The Foundation confirmed that neither Its online INTERNET WATCHDOG TEAM OPERATIONS, Nor Its Online Peer/Professional Support Chat Rooms, Will Be Effected By The Change. Additionally, While The Foundation Will Pull All Its PAID MARKETING & Fundraising Campaigns From Facebook, It Will Maintain A Community Presence On The Platform.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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