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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds To The Central Visual & Performing Arts High School Shooting

This morning, a St Louis community is reeling from the devastation caused by yet another school shooting at Central Visual & Performing Arts High School. Three lives were lost today, including the gunman & a 16 year old female student of the school. Several were injured. Another community sits shocked. More parents will bury their own.

On behalf of all of us here at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, we extend our heartfelt sorrow at yet another school shooting & condolences at the loss of another young life today; a heartbreaking, thematic script becoming all too common on campuses across this country.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has extended our Crisis Response & Intervention Support Services to the immediate school community & families affected. We are also arranging a special STOPNOW Volunteer Safety Patrol for this week near the school as an added support during this time.


AMERICA, St Louis - We grieve, YET we have to do so with an unwavering mission - To end school violence once & for all. We must address VIOLENCE on our campuses on varying levels if we are to end this national epidemic.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is here with our School Safety Training Programs, Our 24 Hour Internet Watchdog Teams & More!

For Today, we stand with St Louis....

Daniel "Bodhi" Chapin

Founder & President

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids



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