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Foundation PODCAST To Launch With "Culture Of Fear," Series

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Is Honored To Announce Our Upcoming MONTHLY PODCAST Lecture Series - Launching January 31st 2023!

The Official PODCAST Will Launch Starting With Our Very Own, Dr. Mark Malobe & Founder, Daniel Chapin, Discussing The National Epidemic Of School Violence & How A, "Culture Of Fear," Is Hindering Progress Toward Ending The Violence Destroying Classrooms Across The Nation.

These Will Be Followed By A Series Of Bi-Monthly Podcasts; ALL Designed To Empower Teachers & School Administrators In Reclaiming Their Classrooms - Allowing Both Students AND Teachers To Focus Once Again On Learning, Teaching & Growing..

***Introductory BLOGS Will Be Posted On Our Main Website, Beginning soon...

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464


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