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Despite District Resistance, Foundation Continues Challenges & Efforts For Santa Rosa Student Safety

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

15 November 2023


Montgomery HS

Santa Rosa Schools


Recently school and district officials at Montgomery High School & Santa Rosa Schools in California continue to ignore the foundation's growing concerns of violence against students at the school & district level; initially brought to their attention in March, following a student's stabbing death. We have included a post link below, for background purposes, in that regard.

Our foundation concerns have only increased since then to the most recent concerns of "organized fights" & increased student bullying in campus.

Fight Videos Surface From Santa Rosa Schools:


The foundation; as promised; after launching an independent review of the tragedy; and following months of promised research into the school & district safety measures; including interviews with students, parents & school community members; most recently this month; announced, via a release to Montgomery HS & Santa Rosa School officials, that it has initiated its STOPNOW School Patrol Program to patrol the Montgomery High School Community.

The foundation's off campus patrol program does not seek or require district collaborations or permissions and due to the districts lack of communication response and current failures to properly address student safety, we are not confident in the districts ability to collaborate and , as such are not seeking same at this time. Our operations in Santa Rosa continue to be separate and apart from the district operations.


Despite the foundation's documented proof of current and past communications about student safety concerns & to provide information on planned patrols - School officials have claimed to have had no communication with the foundation & that they will not be working with the foundation in the future.

Our Response? Our advocacy & work will continue for the safety & well being of the students of Montgomery HS, Santa Rosa, California schools & everywhere students are at risk of violence...
They deserve as much...

Uniting Words & Actions For Santa Rosa Schools:

STOPNOW School Patrols:


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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