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Creating Peace In Our Schools & Communities

A Message From Our Founder & National Director

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids


"We here at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids have monitored the ongoing developments out of Uvalde, Texas following the Robb Elementary School shooting, just over 6 months ago. It continues to be heartbreaking; as does the continual occurrences of gun violence against our students across this nation.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids understands how the frequency of gun violence at schools has traumatized scores of survivors and deeply impacted people across the country who are exposed to violence regularly. Sadly, an added reality is faced by students across the nation, school administrators & their families -- one consisting of active shooter drills, metal detectors and clear backpacks -- and robbing them of their sense of security in what are supposed to be sanctuaries.

HOWEVER - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids asserts that offering true justice to hurt communities will be about more than just filing lawsuits, securing convictions, adding more gun laws and criminal or civil suit penalties. Hence, we distance ourselves from endorsing or opposing lawsuits, legal lobbying or other actions specific to school gun violence. These actions have their place in directing accountability and change.

However, they DO NOT CREATE CHANGE! RATHER - Our work is geared toward finding a way out of consistent violence in school buildings which will require a multilevel approach & that we begin asking new questions - Questions that center around the nature of violence & a culture which fuels it.

What Questions Are You Asking?

What Are You Prepared To Do?"

- Daniel Chapin

Founder & National Director

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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