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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Discussion BLOG - Our School Safety Assessments

Updated: Jan 2

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Texas, takes its mission to end school violence to both heart & action. The national epidemic of school violence; in all its daunting forms, is taking the precious lives of far too many of our students - Our sons, daughters, friends & loved ones...

The nation is overwhelmed as are many school systems. No one could have imagined the vice hold that violence would continue to have on our schools across this nation; sadly increasingly since the tragedy that was Columbine HS 1999. However, we cannot remain, nor all be victims. The time for accountability & a nationally, aggressive driven, collaborative movement to end school violence is NOW!

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids understands that many schools & districts across this country are responding appropriately and aggressively to threats to their students; whether they be internal, such as bullying or mental health/behavioral care or externally, from active shooter threats, etc. The Uvalde Foundation For Kids applauds & recognizes those efforts. And, there are those schools & institutions which are sadly, not doing their part, either through inattentiveness or inability.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids team, which includes social workers, school mental health care providers, school administrators, attorneys, school safety instructors, law enforcement personnel, teachers & student leaders from across the country; will uphold our tenet to end school violence & protect our students, not only through our engaging, effective programming & resources, provided to schools at NO COST; but also through serving as student & school community advocates; dedicated to holding a high standard of accountability to those individuals, schools & districts for the care of those students entrusted to them.

Hence, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has launched an aggressive, national campaign to that effect. We continue to take & review reports, concerning school & student safety concerns from across the nation; ranging from student suicides resulting from ongoing bullying within a school; to weapons being brought on campuses, to students & teachers being killed. We here at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids say - STOPNOW!

While the launch of an investigation is often immediately publicly announced, following our initial review; due to public demand or other mitigating circumstance; the "completion," and reporting process of such is far more detailed.

It is important to note that any premature release of "In Progress," Investigation results, are counter productive to the overall goal of our investigations; including solution based thoroughness, with applicable school institution collaboration, when possible.

- Duration: Case by case & dependent on mitigating circumstances, collaborative opportunities, etc. All foundation reviews are built upon a, "multi level, organic" research based approach into an educational institute policies and actions pertaining to areas such as school violence, student safety, behavioral & mental health provisions, student - staff - parent - teacher relations & more.

Investigations include, but are not limited to: Current circumstances initiating a school or applicable review, personal interviews, 6 mth prior school safety analysis; with review of crisis response protocols, bullying, behavioral, "swatting incidents," weapon reporting, law enforcement or SRO review, situational awareness, mental health resources, etc., are all included in our investigations and reviews.

As alluded to above, foundation investigations include several weeks of interviews with students, staff, teachers, parents & general school community members. Generally, from review of originating circumstance warranting investigation to launch to initial completion = 12 weeks. BASED ON CONFIDENTIALITY, while reports will include the results of these interviews & are made available to school institutions reviewed as part of our "solution based," tenet, they may not be made available to the general public.

- Solution Based: Statistics alone without being solution based are fruitless. Further, our Foundation's independent reviews, reports and recommendations are most complete with a schools own input & collaboration, when possible.

Many schools & districts have positive structures that can be built upon to ensure overall student safety & positive well being. Hence, our Investigations, reviews and reports are "solution based," toward that directive.

- Public Reporting: Collaborative in nature, when possible; with recommendations from foundation and specific Institute. The foundation ONLY RELEASES COMPLETED PUBLIC REPORTS after each individual Institution has been provided initial results and offered a review opportunity.

- Follow-up: 6 Months with institution with followup foundation report. ALL REPORTS are provided to applicable School Boards and, as applicable/necessary to the appropriate State Of Education & Other Appropriate Oversight Review Boards.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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