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Wisconsin Police To Receive Uvalde Foundation National Recognition After School Shooting Response

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, Formed In Response To The Robb Elementary School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas Announced In A Tuesday Afternoon Release That It Will Be Recognizing Officers With The Germantown, Wisonsin Police Department Who Ended An Active Shooter Threat Monday Evening, October 23rd 2023 At Kennedy Middle School in Germantown, Wisconsin, With Its NATIONAL HERO Award For Bravery & Dedication To Duty.


Wisconsin TMJ4 NEWS:

Foundation National Director, Daniel Chapin, Released A Brief Statement On The Award Stating, "With students lives potentially at risk, these officers followed protocol to the book, doing what they failed to do in Uvalde; act quickly and decisively. We cannot underestimate the risk and value these individuals are who take their role to protect our kids seriously.. Timing is critical in these incidents to prevent horrible situation from becoming far worse. They are to be commended nationally as an example for other departments to follow."

Foundation officials also noted in the release that the officers will join other National Award Recipients Such As HERO Teacher, Abby Zwerner shot by a student in Virginia & the Nashville Officers Who Responded To The Covenant School Shooting in Tennessee. Foundation officials stated they will request an official presentation ceremony through the Germantown Police Department & for accommodations to be presented by the Wisconsin State Senate


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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