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Uvalde Foundation To Assess Bullying At Iowa School Following Deadly Shooting

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed following the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas & who responded independently to the Perry, Iowa school shooting in recent days, has now announced, that it is launching an independent assessment of alleged "bullying culture," at Perry High School & within several Perry, Iowa district schools.


Foundation officials noted in a national announcement this week, that their assessment focus will include interviews with school community members, parents and students & a review of school district protocols pertaining to bullying, as well as an previous issues/reports of bullying or bullying related incidents.

More specifically, officials seek to determine how, if at all, intervention in relation to the alleged bullying of Dylan Butler, could have prevented last week's tragic shooting, including the death of 11 year old, Ahmir Jolliff. The foundation hopes to address whether there is an ongoing culture of bullying within the district itself and resources to address & moreso - prevent it.

What Are Independent Assessments?


The foundation, who recently recognized several deserving individuals for their heroism efforts during last week's shooting event in Perry, Iowa; revealed that the launch of the assessment; sparked by several concerned parents & independent reports its teams uncovered since the shooting - Is also the reason behind previously planned donation to support the school districts ongoing student safety efforts was halted.

While the action, was not meant to be "punitive," but rather, "precautionary," foundation officials overseeing national school funding noted:

"The integrity of our donor funds for outreaches such as school scholarships, must be maintained at all times. This noted, the foundation desires to ensure that funding we receive toward our programming, scholarships, school resources, etc., be only allocated to schools and districts who show they have adequately addressed and not contributed by any lack of action resources, etc., to a school culture of violence, including bullying."

The foundation stated that it is in the process of reaching out to district officials immediately regarding concerns sparking the review, to highlight the issues being presented & to hopefully work with the district toward solutions.

However, the foundation noted that its assessments do not require school districts participation to continue forward as they are based on more grassroots approaches such as personal interviews and independent incident reviews.


Further, the foundation is extending various bullying support resources to the school community to deal with current concerns. These include a 24 hour student bullying support & online bullying prevention & reporting center as well as bullying prevention resources for parents, students, teachers & school community members. 888 675 8464 or

and is proud to have served several dozen Perry school community members to date.


The foundation plans to present a preliminary report & new programming resource opportunities to the district and school officials, along with a copy of its findings to the Superintendent & State Safety Board.


The foundation itself, has been involved in several national bullying cases, including the NJ case of 11 year old Felicia Melendez who committed suicide at her NJ school:

and the more recent case of Stewart County, Tennessee student, Samuel Manning, who committed suicide following claims of ongoing suicide:


Foundation officials are cautioning the Perry, Iowa school community against immediately connecting student bullying directly to the recent shooting.

Founder, Daniel Chapin stated in the release, "We are attempting to ease parent & school community concerns as they are now beginning to question whether the recent shooting at the high school, resulting in the death of 11 year old Ahmir Jolliff, could have been prevented. Additionally more and more parents are expressing concerns regarding present bullying conditions within several district schools including Perry High School....

We are cautioning, however, against understandable, "Knee jerk reactions," as answers and solutions are sought, to place blame on school/district officials or any other place beyond where it belongs first - the shooter.
Bullying itself however has so very many layers and to end it, we must address it as a cultural problem involving a menagerie of participants & yet with solutions involving a balance between discipline & guidance.
We will continue to provide our support resources for the students and families of the Perry, Iowa school community as well as our plans to recognize those heroes, such as Dan Marburger, who emerged during such a time as this....

We also continue to redirect individuals to reach out to school & district officials themselves so as to build those bridges of communication, ultimately solutions & hopefully - healing for the entire Perry school community, particularly those who have directly suffered so very much."


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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