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Some Of Our National Team Leaders 

Since we were founded in 2022, our foundation  has become an important part of the national school community. We work with the most dedicated and charitable people to help ease the suffering of those we work with.

Founder/CFO: Daniel "Bodhi" Chapin
President: Dr. Michael Stevens
Secretary Jennifer West
Director: James Earle/STOPNOW Patrols
Director: Autumn Cazier/Performing Arts
Director: Rebecca Engle/Bullying Prevention
Board Advisor: Barbie Borak/Bullying Prevention
Board Advisor: Jeffrey Lynch
Legal: Delafield Family Association
Classroom Advisor: Dr. Louis Chapin
Mental Health: Ashley Massey
Research: Dakota Powell

Contact us to learn more about what you can do to help, and become a part of the change by donating or volunteering today.

National Team Leaders: National Team Leaders
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