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Nonprofit Releases Statement From NJ Mother Following Video Release Of Daughter's Death

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7 April 2023/115pm (CST) (NATIONAL)

National Nonprofit Foundation Releases Statement From New Jersey Mother Following Video Release Of Daughter's Alleged Suicide At Midde School


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit organization, who has been advocating for Elaina LoAlbo; the New Jersey mother whose 11 year old daughter, Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez; was found unresponsive & later died, due to what law enforcement & school officials at the FW HOLBEIN MIDDLE SCHOOL in Mount Holly, NJ deemed a "Suicide;" has released a statement on behalf of Elaina.

Foundation officials, added Friday afternoon, that they have approved initial internal funding to aide the mother in securing attorneys; now moving forward to review legal precedents to determine potential civil litigation against the NJ school for, "negligence," among other allegations.

The girls mother, along with foundation officials have confirmed documentation; along with testimony from other parents, who have recently come forward, addressing the fact that the often bullied 11 year old's requests for "Help," were ignored by school officials.

The foundation further noted that, according to the district prosecutors office, a potential criminal case remains officially open, despite reports otherwise. An in question review of surveillance video, supposedly providing evidence of the 11 year old being alone at the time of the tragedy; has been viewed; following a 9 week delay by school & law enforcement officials.

Felicia's mother, who questions the suicide claim; says the "Edited," 12 minute video she viewed does not parallel those claims; even showing her daughter, "Skipping," happily into the bathroom at the school minutes prior to her unresponsive body being found.


"My, "Happy Hope," my daughter is gone. Nothing will alter that reality. Yet, knowing that my little girls pleas for help were ignored by the very institution I had entrusted to take care of her; makes the nightmare even more horrible! Why? Because her death did not have to happen! There will be accountability & there will be justice for Felicia. And, for years to come, her, "fingerprints," will remain for others to learn from. Her death will not be in vain."


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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