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Uvalde Foundation For Kids: Response To Washington Post

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds To Article On Mass Shootings By Washington Post


The Washington Post released on Thursday morning an investigation into AR-15s and their roles in mass shootings throughout the country. The article – titled “Terror on Repeat: A rare look at the devastation caused by AR-15 shootings” -- includes numerous testimonials from people affected by each tragedy. The Post has claimed that they wished, "to advance the public's understanding of mass killers' increasing use" of AR-15 weapons.


In response, in support of the release of the article, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas school shooting & dedicated to preventing tragedies such as at Uvalde - released the following statement, Thursday afternoon:

"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids applauds the recent in depth & poignant article published recently by the Washington Post. It serves as a rare example of how journalism and the media can appropriately bring awareness to the ongoing, increasing issue of gun violence in America & the ever present threat of violence, against our students. While dramatic at times & difficult to process on an emotional level; the article itself served its initial purpose in highlighting a main culprit: AR-15s.
Our hope as a foundation is that current Texas lawmakers as well as those influencing policy relative to school safety & gun control overall across the country will heed the information the article highlights & act accordingly to increase protective laws for our students and communities. This should include our foundation's stance, since our inception, to remove these weapons of war (AR-15s) from our streets.
MORESO, the foundation hopes that the article reignites a passion in the American conscience; motivating everyday citizens - parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, students & friends; to continue to raise their voices & take action at their local level, across the nation, to protect against a culture of violence sweeping through this country & taking away the dreams, hopes & very lives of our future generations.
Those who lost their lives in Uvalde & students today deserve as much moving forward."

Sandy Hook & Uvalde Foundation For Kids Respond To Washington Post Article:


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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