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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Outlines Its, 'Crimes Against Students' REWARD PROGRAM

Updated: Mar 15

Reward Guidelines For 'Crimes Against Students' Reward Program

UPDATED: 1 September 2023


1) The Uvalde Foundation For Kids 'Crimes Against Students,' reward program is only applicable & extended to crimes committed against students on individual/district campuses and/or property or special circumstances approved by the foundation.

2) The tip must lead to the arrest, filing of charges and conviction of a felony crime committed against a student or school community within the United States or to the arrest of a fugitive wanted on a felony warrant related to same.

3) Rewards of up to $1000 are paid for information leading to the arrest, filing & a conviction of charges as well as in the conviction of a suspect & final board determination. The special elected Board of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids determines the actual amount of the reward for each incident which may be higher or lower dependent on funds availability & curcumstance.

4) All reward decisions of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids Board of Directors are final.

5) Crimes committed by juveniles are handled on a case-by-case basis.

6) A limit of one reward will be paid per incident, regardless of the number of suspects identified or informants who provide the information.

In the event more than one person provides information on the same crime, incident, or fugitive, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids coordinator and the review Board will make the determination as to which individual is entitled to the foundation reward, based on who provided the information first and/or based on the relative importance of the informants’ information. In special circumstances, the foundation has the discretion to add elements and individuals to receive certain rewards. The foundation relies heavily on accuracy of information provided by investigating law enforcement.

7) Rewards may be divided among two or more individuals at the discretion of the Board.

8) Except in special circumstances, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids will be under no obligation to pay any reward if it is shown that the identity and/or location of the suspect(s) was known to the public, the news media or law enforcement prior to the receipt of the information to the Uvalde Foundation For Kids.

9) Monies awarded by the Board and not called for or collected within 60 days will be placed back in the general fund and used for future reward opportunities.

10) Reward monies are awarded within 60-90 days, following close of investigation/conviction.

11) To be eligible for the reward, tip information must come through the Uvalde Foundation For Kids School Crisis/National Tip Line 877 780 8527 or via law enforcement partnerships..



*Commissioned law enforcement officers, correctional officers, employees of law enforcement agencies, and their immediate families are ineligible to receive a Uvalde Foundation For Kids reward

*Bail bond company employees, bounty hunters, and their associates are not eligible for rewards

*Victims of crimes are not eligible for rewards for information on suspects in the crime committed against them

*Perpetrators or co-perpetrators of the crime, or fugitives are not eligible for rewards

*Persons working as confidential Informants for law enforcement are not eligible for rewards




The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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