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Uvalde Foundation Calls For Boycott Of Commentator After Release Of Covenant Shooting Documents

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids


6 November 2023 (National/Nashville)


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Following what it is calling a, "Grossly Insensitive & Self Serving Move," by conservative political commentator, Steven Crowder; who Monday, released leaked documents related to The Covenant School shooting in Nashville - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is calling for an immediate boycott of the commentators show, “Louder with Crowder."


According to the foundation release, three photos of writings in notebooks allegedly belonging to the shooter, were released by Crowder, following a secret meeting with an unnamed source in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, who recently took part in the Nashville Metro Council's three part series to address school violence directly following the Covenant School shooting and who has publicly supported families of Covenant School victims call to suppress the Manifesto release; released the following statement in response:

"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is frankly livid at the insensitivity of Crowder who has prematurely & for his own self centered interest & show ratings released these documents. Crowder fails to show any true understanding or care of the lengthy legal process involved in releasing the manifesto; nor the sensitive matter of prematurely releasing these writings; particularly given the mitigating circumstances of this unprecedented case; including the addition of new parties, lawsuit deliberations and the families of the victims themselves calling for privacy...


Further, the trauma his actions cause to those families and community still healing from the tragedy and who are unprepared for such an immature, out of context release is unproductive if not dangerously destructive in the wrong hands & to the healing and eventual learning process of the Nashville and national community - As the manifesto and release are reviewed and handled appropriately and sensitively..

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is calling for a formal boycott of the commentators show and encourages Crowder to sit and look into the eyes of these haunted families of Covenant and the countless others who have lost loved ones due to gun violence; and claim this was a good idea.

Frankly - Crowder should be ashamed."


Covenant Families Respond To Shooting Documents Release: "You Are A VIPER!"

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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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