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Uvalde Foundation Applauds Judge Ruling Over Case Involving Virginia Teacher, Shot By Student

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids (Virginia/National)

November 3 2023


National nonprofit, who collaborated with the Virginia school district to provide support following the Virginia classroom shooting of teacher, Abby Zwerner by her student & ultimately awarded the teacher full oversight of its National Hero Teacher Award, named in her honor - applauded the recent ruling by a judge overseeing the $40 million dollar lawsuit by Zwerner against the school district.

The Virginia judge has ruled that the Newport News, VA teacher can press forward with a $40 million lawsuit & further denied claims by the district that Zwerner's shooting injuries are covered under workers' compensation.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization, formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School; released a public statement Friday; applauding the ruling & asserting its ongoing support for Zwerner.

The foundation noted in the release that it will be submitting its own recommendation and letter for special consideration to Attorneys & the court, in support of Zwerner in the case.

Daniel Chapin, founder of the Uvalde Foundation; noted, in a statement on the recent ruling, "The recent move by the judge in this case offers not only well deserved hope for justice for Ms Zwerner; but should also serve as a case study for other school districts across the nation to carefully heed before shifting their empathy & responsibility away from caring for their teachers."

The foundation, following its initial collaboration with the school district following the shooting; shortly thereafter began criticizing Newport News Public Schools for its handling of the case & overall response rejecting teacher, Abby Zwerners $40 million dollar lawsuit claim against the district; suggesting it was, contrarily a worker's compensation claim. The foundation made further public rifts after it pulled oversight of the HERO AWARD from NNPS, transferring it instead to Zwerner's Attorneys.



Foundation Collaborates With NNPS Following School Shooting:


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