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Kentucky School's Bullying Prevention Program Earns National Recognition From The Uvalde Foundation

National Nonprofit Announces Kentucky Middle Schools Nomination For NonViolent School Alliance Award


VERSAILLES, Ky - A Central Kentucky Middle School has been nominated to receive national recognition for its student led anti-bullying initiative.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a National NonProfit dedicated to ending school violence & formed in response to the Robb Elementary School Shooting In May 2022, in Uvalde, Texas; announced in a Tuesday evening release, the nomination of Woodford County Middle School for its national, "NonViolent School Alliance award; due in part to its, "Sources of Strength," bullying prevention program.

Foundation officials stated in the release that the campus program is all about training kids and adults to prevent outcomes like bullying, violence, and self-harm; and that its results on campus have contrasted a growing recent trend in increased bullying and bullying related violence it has seen on campuses across the nation.

The Foundation, who addresses bullying on a national level; as a, "Toxic, culturally motivated form of school violence," noted in the release:

"Woodford County Middle School now joins a select number of schools nominated for this year's national recognition. Their ongoing efforts in preventing bullying as a form of unacceptable school violence stands as an example for schools across the nation to follow. MORESO, their proactive student driven measures, serve as a reminder to students eveywhere that changing the trajectory of violence on all levels - on all our school campuses, often remains in their own hands."



The Foundation added that as a part of the nomination and awarding process, selection teams review all nominated schools recorded number of violent school episodes or lockdowns, swatting episodes, etc., as well as an extensive community survey providing feedback on a school; including the existence of sustainable student safety and violence prevention programming/protocols.


The Kentucky middle school currently joins the following 2023 recipients from around the country:

Southwestern HS (Indiana)

Red Bluff HS (California)

Robb Elementary School (Texas)

Aspen Middle school (Colorado)

Hazard Middle School (Kentucky)


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464




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