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Pittsburgh Police Receive Recognition For School Threat Response

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In an updated statement addendum to the below national release, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids announced Monday morning, from its Dallas, Texas headquarters, that it will be including a special recognition to Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) & the collaborative work between Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) Police & the Pittsburgh Police. PPS & Milliones University Preparatory School will receive the foundation's Nonviolent SCHOOL ALLIANCE AWARD while the Police Bureau itself will receive recognition for its dedication to service in protecting students.

Foundation Founder, Daniel Chapin, noted in Mondays announcement:

"Our foundation received further information that a school police officer initially spotted the juvenile who had initiated the threats against the school on school grounds with a weapon the week prior to initiating a call to the City for support. School staff identified the former student. A week later community members notified school police about the social media post, who then notified ATF leading to the arrest by the City. Our foundation recognize the layers of dedication and ultimately the resulting success in protecting these students.

It remains encouraging particularly to see a response protocol so accurately implemented within a school system which further illustrates the impact the right SRO program and police interactions can have on student safety & school communities overall. If we are to prevent another Uvalde or numerous other examples of school violence disrupting the lives of our students, it will take daily actions of individuals & organizations in collaboration on a daily effort, not just on the steps of the lawmakers but moreso the steps of our schools. Pittsburgh should be proud. They may never know what they have done to protect their kids."


PITTSBURGH — Following what it referred to as a, "Swift, calculated & committed," response by Pittsburgh Police in thwarting a potential school shooting at Pittsburgh Milliones University Preparatory School, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national school safety and advocacy nonprofit, formed following the Uvalde, Texas school shooting; announced in a Sunday morning release, from its Dallas, Texas headquarters; that it will be honoring the department and lead detectives for their efforts in protecting the school community.

The foundation will present the department with a national award for dedication to student and youth safety.

"If we are to prevent another Uvalde, Oxford, Sandy Hook, Columbine; or any dozens of school violence episodes disrupting the future's & the very lives of our students across this country - It will take acts of law, Yes - But moreso even; it will take everyday acts of service, such as we saw in Pittsburgh this week."Since our foundation began this recognition system in honor of HERO TEACHER, Abby Zwerner, the goal has been to encourage those individuals, school systems, law enforcement & community leaders who show such a dedication to our students; while challenging perhaps those who may not have such resolve or perhaps at times ability." (Founder, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Daniel Chapin)

Nonprofit officials echoed Mayor Ed Gainey in noting that, for the current school year, this weeks arrest of 2 juveniles & the recovery of 4 firearms; marks the second time this year that Pittsburgh officers, "through their proactive policing and community partnership, have been able to keep our city and our kids safe at school." (Gainey)

Foundation officials noted that several Pittsburgh community members contacted foundation leaders to nominate the department.

Pittsburgh police had reported this week that they had received information from the ATF, that a juvenile male was posting videos on social media while posing with firearms and making threats to Pittsburgh Milliones University Preparatory School.

Police Chief Larry Scirotto noted in a statement that, "The juvenile that was seen on campus was also shown in other social media posts, highlighting weapons, an assault rifle and multiple handguns in what appeared to be a bedroom of a home and made credible threats to the school."

Foundation STOPNOW School Patrols national Director, James Earle noted in Sunday's release:
"We cannot as a nation afford to underestimate efforts such as those exemplified recently by Pittsburgh Police, in ending the cycle of violence; threatened or realized against our students, against our youth. The officers & department, under the current leadership; step by step, swiftly & in a calculated manner: ended a potential tragedy. The foundation asserts that departments across the nation themselves follow such example as in Pittsburgh."

The foundation also stated in the release that the Pittsburgh Police join other national recipients, such as Abby Zwerner of Richneck Elementary School in Virginia & several officers who responded to the Covenant School shooting in Tennessee.

Teacher Shot By Student Reacts To Grant:

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