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Oxford School Shooting Verdict: Uvalde Foundation For Kids Founder Responds

The below is an official response from our founder, Mr. Daniel Chapin, in response to the recent Oxford Shooting Verdict.

Foundation President, Dr Michael Stevens will be releasing a statement shortly...


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is aware of the recent verdict handed down by the courts to the Oxford school shooter.

We have read the headlines.

We acknowledge the opinions of all sides; including those victims, families & overall community who continue to deal with the emotional aftermath.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, however, does not celebrate the verdict. While there is no doubt to us that the verdict in this case was appropriate, the need for its very existence warrants no celebration, nor relief.

The epidemic of school violence exists in our culture and has done so far before Oxford & has been illustrated many times since in school shootings and heartbroken families and communities since all over this nation.

It has destroyed lives on both sides of the weapons used to destroy so many lives before, at and since Oxford. No, we do not celebrate. While there are still students dying, we do not celebrate.

The Oxford verdict serves only as a reminder that justice can be served in this nation ultimately. However, how many more of these verdicts must we endure? When will change actually come to America? When will we end the hypocrisy, America? We grieve on the one hand following these tragedies and then we go on to glorify violence in our Hollywood movies & our culture.

When will we stop yelling on the steps of Washington & the courts and start working on the steps of our schools? The Oxford verdict does not change the events or the course of gun violence in this country. It will take the day to day, actions of individuals in small abd large communities across this country to truly effect change.

Until that day, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids continues on to prevent these events and change the culture of violence in this country which exists far before a weapon is picked up or fist is clenched. All those at Oxford deserve that much. That is our verdict."

Daniel Chapin, Founder




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