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Maine Shooting Victims To Receive National Heroism Award From Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Updated: Nov 13, 2023


October 30, 2023 (National/Maine)


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a nonprofit formed following the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting, announced it will be awarding its National Heroism Award, granted those who show dedication and heroism to students & school communities; to several victims of the recent Lewiston, Maine shooting.

5 victims of the recent mass shooting will receive Posthumous Awards for Heroism; while Thomas Giberti who is credited with saving the lives of several children at the bowling alley will receive the only award granted to a survivor by the nonprofit formed after the Uvalde, Texas shooting. Foundation officials say the nonprofit received over 100 emails recommending Giberti for the recognition.


The following individuals, victims of the horrible tragedy in Lewiston, Maine; will receive Posthumous Awards for their sacrifice:

** Joe Walker

Manager of Schemengees Bar and Grille. Walker is being hailed as a hero for his actions during the shootings. Walker’s dad says his son attacked the shooter; losing his life while trying to save others.

** Tricia Asselin

Employee at bowling alley Just-In-Time Recreation and was shot while trying to call 911.

** Thomas Conrad

He was the general manager of Just In Time Recreation. Witnesses say he charged the gunman in an attempt to protect students and several parents.

** Robert E. Violette

Bob was a youth bowling coach, according to a member of the community. He was killed protecting the kids in his program.

** Michael Deslaurier

Michael Deslauriers' father reported that his son was one of those killed at Just-In-Time Recreation. His father, who shares the same name, said his son and a friend both were killed as they charged at the shooter after making sure their wives and several children were safe.


National NonProfit Honors Maine Shooting Victims - FOX23 NEWS STORY:

President of the foundation, Dr Michael Stevens noted in a statement, "As the Lewiston, Maine & surrounding communities face the daunting days ahead - We honor all those who lost their lives that day & remember forever those who died, selflessly to protect students and other members of the community they loved."

These recipients are the only posthumous recipients to receive the recognition; join other Hero Award recipients from across the nation such as Abby Zwerner of Richneck Elementary School in Virginia (Hero Teacher Award) & several officers who responded to the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. (Hero Award)


The foundation will be coordinating in the near future an official reward presentation ceremony to family members with city leaders and community members with such date and time TBA.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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