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ICYMI: A Special Note From One Of Our Friends

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids received the below letter this week & it was so very encouraging & appreciated. We thought we would share it with you... Together, we continue to work so that students & those who care for them, such as Mara, never feel alone again!

I came across your Nonprofit, because I am interested in developing a special needs school in Florida, but I got caught up in another idea and started browsing around lol. I know this has nothing to do with you but, I am still severely affected by Robb Elementary tragedy, such an avoidable event.
I still cry at night just thinking about them, their final moments, and how hard their parents have been fighting for justice but the government throws barriers and barriers... it's just too cruel. But finding this Nonprofit gave me a huge smile, and I felt happy!
I believe the Nonprofit founder must have felt in some way what I feel but instead of crying just like I do, the founder transformed this tragedy to create something beautiful, keep the kids' memories alive, and prevent more tragedies such as this one.
I am happy that I found you guys, I don't feel alone.
Thank you for all you do,
Mara C

And, Thank you, Mara, from all of us here at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids..



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