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I Want To Die

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

A Note From Our 24 Hour Antibullying & Crisis Phone Line Director Here At The Uvalde Foundation For Kids


"I want to die.."

"These were the first words myself and one of our peer support team members heard from a feeble voice on the other end of our phone line last night. It was 216am in California.

After an hour on the phone with this precious teen, we learned about the bullying she has endured for being, "Fat." We learned that her teachers tell her to, "Ignore the remarks." We learned that she cannot. It hurts too much. We get that.

After an hour on the phone, we learned she had a gun. After an hour on the phone + 10 minutes, HELP arrived at her home. She is safe. She is alive. We won't let her go through this alone.

After an hour + 10 minutes we hung up the phone and another call came through.

We recognized the number. Billy has called before - He is 13 & just always likes to talk.

It is why we are here... For these students & more - We will ALWAYS BE HERE!"

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids


888 685 8464



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