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From The Founder's Desk: The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

November 2023

I was reminded by a colleague recently; that amongst all our busy lives entail - There are moments when we can all glimpse that nothing is as important as putting our full weight behind a shift from separateness and violence in our school communities and amongst our students toward what Gandhi called “grasping to Truth” or Satyagraha. These days, the ongoing violence plaguing our school communities, families & students across the nation indeed exists as one of those moments.


Nonviolence itself is a tough path to follow, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. People in general as individuals require support and space to build a clear vision of how it works and what they can do. Those within the school communities face an even larger version of that challenge as they seek to ensure the safety and growth of their students & their students seek a chance to learn & grow as they deserve.

As you know, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has an important role to play in helping to provide support and resources for school communities & their students; both as individuals and on an organizational level.

Our Foundation works with school communities across the nation who want to learn how to create a culture of nonviolence in their schools & how to practice nonviolence; from bullying prevention to overall student safety & well being.

This is a daunting challenge in a world today which is so conditioned toward violence. We here at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids take this responsibility very seriously.


We are on an ongoing, aggressive mission to recruit those who will take the next step this Holiday season & join us in ensuring that The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has the financial resources it needs to continue our work in the most effective way possible. Will you consider a financial contribution to our mission?

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, your conribution is a great way to show your gratitude for what we do. We are grateful for your support & efforts on all levels!

And, of course, as a 100% VOLUNTEER national nonprofit, we could not have made it this far without YOU - Our volunteers & support family! Ready to VOLUNTEER?!?!?




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With immense gratitude on behalf of myself & our board President - Peace...

Daniel Chapin

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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