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Dear Mental Health Care Professional

Mental Health Care Practicioner/Counselor:

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a National 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, dedicated to ending school violence, is currently seeking to add to our dedicated, "Critical Incident Response Team," of Mental Health Workers/Counselors, etc.

Our Foundation, originally formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas School massacre at Robb Elementary School; seeks to establish proactive programming in schools throughout the nation; specifically designed to prevent violence in ALL forms.

We also serve as an advocacy group dedicated to responding to school safety concerns by parents, teachers, students; while providing resources to schools and districts to enhance current school safety and student violence issues.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids asserts that when our nation begins to both systematically and on a grassroots level, reverse the "Culture Of Violence;" in essence change the lessons being culturally indoctrinated and taught to our students outside the classroom in all its forms; we can then begin to reverse the tragic trajectory of violence; from bullying resulting in teen suicide to students taking guns to their classrooms instead of books.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids does not underestimate this particular, 'Pandemic,' taking the lives of far too many of our sons and daughters. This does not exclude, of course, those numerous students & staff who have experienced violence in their schools.

In part, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is accomplishing our mission, by aggressively and thoroughly coordinating efforts through school communities and students themselves; in areas such as bullying prevention, nonviolent communication workshops among other programming.

And, the Foundation works to actively provide additional security and safety training resources to enhance a schools individual security; for example situational awareness & uniquely, student organized, active shooter training & prevention.

Additionally, through a variety of resources; including providing emergency and followup mental health treatment, crisis intervention & counseling services, for students, staff, family members & communities having experienced a school crisis such as those crippling our nations classrooms currently - Our Foundation serves as a response agency; dedicated to ensuring those experiencing school violence have the counseling resources immediately and ongoing to expedite what is always guaranteed to be a trauma victims ongoing healing journey.

Mental health care team members dedicate a specific amount of time with on call hours of service to our school communities based on their availability monthly. This is accomplished virtually, via telephone counseling & when able, in person.

Our team provides these services at no cost to those individuals we serve. Team members either volunteer to serve in such capacity OR receive arranged compensation via the Foundation's "Emergency Aide," fund. Will you join our efforts to end school violence and forever, positively alter the course of a student life? We think you can. And our students deserve it.

Guadalupe "Lupita" Hernandez

Dr. Mark Malober

Mental Health Team Advisor/RIP School Safety Training/Board of Directors

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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