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"Abbott Elementary" To Receive "Media For Student NonViolence Award" From Uvalde Foundation



14 November 2023 (National)


Quinta Brunson, creator of the Emmy award-winning series “Abbott Elementary,” has repeatedly said that a school shooting will not be written into any upcoming scripts.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed in response to the May 2022 Uvalde, Texas school shooting & dedicated to preventing school violence; applauded the creators much publicized move in a press announcement Tuesday, 14 November 2023; stating that it will be presenting its, "Media For Student NonViolence," award to the creator & producers of the show.

Founder of the national nonprofit, Daniel Chapin stated in Tuesday's release from Dallas, Texas: "The Uvalde Foundation For Kids believes that when we sensationalize through the powerful venue of entertainment, in today's America, school shootings - this feeds into the behaviors within our national schools such as bullying, student isolation, etc., violence, mental health issues amongst students & even copycat shootings. History has proven such. We cannot on the one hand in good conscience anymore glamorize violence in Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment world and then mourn the growing list of its young victims.
We need to begin recognizing those in the entertainment industry & across the entertainiment/media spectrum; who are taking steps to minimize content dangerous to our nations youth and students. We applaud Brunson & "Abbott Elementary."

Foundation officials noted in the release that an official presentation of the award is TBA; following contact with Brunson & "Abbott Elementary," producers.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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