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Walker County, Alabama Deputy Sheriff & STOPNOW School Patrols

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids appreciates the insight into our STOPNOW School Patrols by Walker County, Alabama School Resource Officer & Deputy Sheriff, Jay Miller. Officer Miller was recently recognized by our foundation for his heroic response to a recent threat to students at his Alabama school. Join us in thanking him for his insight here into our STOPNOW School Patrols as well as extending congratulations for his recent efforts & over 40 years of service to student & community safety!!!


Full Story: ABC 33/40

Oakman SRO Gets National Recognition

"Reinforcing school safety with an extra set of eyes and ears on any level would always be a positive and welcoming program. It would add an extra layer of safety to the students and staff. The all volunteer KIDS STOP NOW program is definitely something that could work in a school safety setting. Proper training and retraining would help school officials as well as law enforcement who are assigned to the school as an SRO."

(Jay Miller, Walker County, Alabama)


Foundation STOPNOW Patrols, modeled after the "Guardian Angels," anti crime unit in NYC in the 1980's, patrol school perimeters to minimize & prevent safety incidents from reaching school campuses; while also providing extra encouragement and support for students and neighborhoods.

Patrol members are recruited from within each community planned for patrols to empower local community members into action to protect their students & communities.



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