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Uvalde, Texas: Founder of National Nonprofit Launches Hunger Strike Demanding Police Accountability

Updated: Mar 20

National nonprofit demands the removal of Uvalde police officers who responded to Robb Elementary, launches hunger strike

The foundation said the hunger strike will continue until their demands are met.

Author: Darcy Ramirez, Kens5

Published: 5:50 PM CDT March 17, 2024

Updated: 6:24 PM CDT March 17, 2024


SAN ANTONIO — The founder of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has launched a hunger strike against the Uvalde Police Department following an independent report that exonerated the officers who responded to the Robb Elementary shooting.

The nonprofit's founder Daniel Chapin announced that the group was calling for the removal of Uvalde police officers: Javier Martinez, Louis Landry, and Eduardo Canales. The three officers were among the first responders on scene at Robb Elementary and who the foundation said represented "abject failure by the entire police department to act to save the lives of children." 

The announcement of the strike follows a sit-out by Brett Cross, father of Uziyah Garcia, a Robb Elementary victim and gun safety advocate. Cross is camping outside the Uvalde Police headquarters and is demanding the removal of the same officers. Cross has vowed to remain outside the headquarters until the officers are removed.

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