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Out Of Tragedy - Hope

"There exists a national revolution happening in this country to protect our youth & students. It is aggressive yet peaceful - Powerful, yet grassroots. Though valiant efforts over the years to end school & student violence has made some progress; true, sustainable progress will not be driven from behind the closed door sessions of lawmakers or gun control alone.

We make true progress due to the selfless comittments & spearheaded actions of citizens & professionals - celebrities & construction workers - educators, mothers, fathers, friends & students themselves, from all over the nation, who have decided, once and for all, to change both the conversation & the approaches to ending school violence. We have sent thoughts following every student related tragedy. We have prayed over them. Now the work begins..."
(Daniel "Bodhi" Chapin, Founder)

The Uvalde Foundation for Kids is a nationally registered, 501c(3) non-profit charity organization, dedicated to changing the cultural trajectory of violence impacting our nation's schools, students & school communities - One community, one school, one life at a time...

From our nonviolence education programs, to bullying prevention & safety training, to our school crisis response & advocacy on behalf of students, their families & school communities - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids works tirelessly to end school violence in all it's forms; giving our students a chance at the education & future's they so deserve.

Originally formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in May 2022, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is solely dedicated to ending school violence in all its manifested forms; through a variety of programs and services, including:
- Volunteer school patrol teams (STOPNOW)
- Critical incident school crisis response teams
- Professional & peer mental health support
- Student & school community Chaplaincy care 
- Student & school advocacy 
- Independent school safety assessments
- Student & school anti-violence training to teach students & staff how to prevent and respond to violence with a focus on behavior modification, situational awareness using our "Recognize - Intervene & Prevent," model
- Performing Arts program to provide students with a positive outlet for their emotions & a creative outlet to spread the mission of nonviolence in schools
- Anti-bullying program to help create a more inclusive and respectful school environment
- Motivational speaker network & student Ambassador program to bring positive role models into schools & "ignite," schools nonviolence & school safety programming
- Internet watchdog group to help prevent & report cyberbullying & online school threats 24 hours per day
- Scholarships & national recognition program for students, teachers & schools who have been affected by violence & those who serve as exceptional leaders in ending school violence & advancing the cause of school nonviolence
- Emergency aid grants & fundraiser assistance for schools, students/families and school communities that have been directly affected by school/student related violence
The Uvalde Foundation For Kids NEVER requests or solicits fees or donations in exchange for ANY of our services or as a prerequisite to receive services. Foundation driven or partner sponsored "Fundraiser," national promotions, raise funding for individual/school needs, foundation responses & resource and programming advancements. 

Unlike most national nonprofits - NO officer, board member, team/program associate or service provider partnering with the foundation, receives a salary or reimbursement for their service to the foundation's efforts nationally. 

Outside of the work within the foundation, we are teachers, mental health professionals, police officers, city leaders and restaurant workers. We are mothers & fathers, brothers, sisters, family, friends & community members - Dedicated to our nation's students & school communities.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids primarily is funded through private grants, philanthropy & fundraisers as allowed by law. All donations to The Uvalde Foundation For Kids are TAX DEDUCTABLE.

The Uvalde Foundation for Kids is dedicated to ending the national cycle of responding to incidents of school/student violence rather than implementing multi-level, collaborative, sustainable programming which prevents violence in the first place.
As a part of our 2023/2024 school year national relaunch; the foundation is further empowered by our move to a newly revisioned, more effective work environment; designed specifically around a healthy menagerie of strategic meetings and national team collaborative efforts, as well as the flexibility and cost effective option of working from smaller chapter offices; overseen by area directors, in the cities and school communities we work in across the country.

In our first year of operations we were honored to be headquartered out of Dallas, Texas; with smaller chapters operating our services located throughout the nation. Due to the rapid, positive outcomes of that strategy on our growth and program results - For the 2023/2024 school year, the foundation is moving completely away from the idea of a ‘headquarters’ to an even more grassroots, fully mobile and agile workforce.

We will maintain the Dallas, Texas location conference and office spaces & as needed, it will also be utilized as a central school crisis command center for The Uvalde Foundation For Kids School Crisis Response Teams.

This is intentionally structured to have a wider national reach, effectively building stronger relationships & sustainably collaborate our resources amongst the school communities we serve. 
The Uvalde Foundation For Kids observes that there exists a national culture of violence tragically impacting our classrooms & students; which must be addressed on many levels; if our students lives & future's are to be saved.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is doing so; developing now into its 2nd year of operations, has already made a significant impact in the fight against school violence; including partnering with schools and communities across the nation to provide programs and services to safeguard and enrich the lives of students across the nation, providing emergency financial aide & support services to school communities & students affected by school violence, granting student recognitions for leadership amongst their peers in the movement against school violence & so much more.

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