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Ending School Violence Across The Nation & Enriching The Future Of Our Students - One Life At A Time.

The acts of violence in our nations schools & amongst our youth is nothing short of a national recurring tragedy! Our mission, as a 501c(3) nonprofit organization - To create in school & community programs to aggressively and creatively address & end such violence. 

UNIQUELY, our programs are multi-faceted; addressing & actively preventing; not merely obvious aggressive acts of violence, such as occurred that tragic May 2022 morning in Uvalde, Texas, but also the "Symptoms,' the Mental & Cultural, not so easy to identify forms of violence, plaguing our kids across school campuses throughout this nation. 

The very nature & focus of our work at the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, is to be PROACTIVE as opposed to REACTIVE in addressing the violence disrupting the lives of our Nation's students & communities. Our Finances are entrusted to us & utilized toward such programs. We Would Rather Utilize Our Financials & Team to PREVENT NOT RESPOND TO VIOLENCE!

HENCE, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, works to end ALL forms of physical, mental or cultural forms of violence on our nations campus communities! We are developing programs across the nation; at NO COST or Donation Request.

- Seeking to enable schools with stronger on and off site school security measures & crisis mental health resources, so as to protect the safety & overall wellfare of our nations students; we have developed our, 'RECOGNIZE, INTERVENE & PREVENT," school safety training program

- National Team of Motivational Speakers, coupled with our unique, in-school, "Student to Student," support groups

- ADVOCACY On Behalf of Students, Parents, Teachers & School Communities Is A Major Part Of Our National Work. From Responding To School Crisis & Mental Health Counseling & Training Requests, To Representing Students, Staff & Parents Regarding Student Safety Concerns; To Launching Full Independent Investigations Into School Safety Matters, Direct Student Safety Violations Or Mass Violent Incidents. 

- Student Ambassadors, representing our Foundation's ethics and efforts to prevent violence in schools and amongst students.

- STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrol Teams; throughout the nation, dedicated to stopping potential violence from ever reaching our schools & students.

- "Eden's Angels," Internet Watchdog Group Is A Dedicated Team, Operating 24 Hours; focused on identifying & reporting any potential threats of violence against students/schools as posted on the world wide web. Many of our volunteers are teens themselves with special access to social media and other youth relevant sites.

- 24 HOUR Antiviolence, Crisis TALK Line.

- EDEN'S CRY Antibullying program designed to engage students themselves in preventing another form of Violence - Bullying.

Until our students can simply be students again, there is much work for us to do! We would love for you to get involved with The Uvalde Foundation For Kids. We depend on your support and partnership in order to improve lives and make the world a safer place for generations of students yet to come. 

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Texas - Colorado - California - Tennessee - Arizona - Illinois - Virginia - Oregon - Pennsylvania

While our service to our nation's youth and students has been ongoing for years in a variety of capacities, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids OFFICIAL Inception itself as a Nonprofit Organization, was born out of the life-changing events in Uvalde, Texas. There, 19 children, along with 2 adults were shot & killed at, "Robb Elementary School." The Uvalde Foundation For Kids says, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, was officially Founded in 2022, by Mr. Daniel "Bodhi" Chapin, as a Nonprofit Corporation in Temple, Texas & is a recognized 501c(3) public charity by the IRS. 

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids now has National Headquarters, located in beautiful, Dallas, Texas. We also have chapter locations in Los Angeles, San Antonio & Denver, Colorado with programs in schools and communities nationwide.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids looks forward to the day when we can close our doors knowing that across this Nation, our students are safe. Until that day, our doors remain open 24 hours per day - 7 days a week - 365 days every year. Our youth deserve it.

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"I don't know a more irreligious attitude, one more utterly bankrupt of any human content, than one which permits children to be destroyed."

Daniel Berrigan

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Get in touch with The Uvalde Foundation For Kids to discover more about our work, volunteer opportunities & how to donate. We thank you for your ongoing support & involvement.

4245 N Central Expressway, #490 Dallas, TX 75205

1 888 685 8464

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