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The One In Five - Foundation For Kids 

1 in 5 students have experienced gun violence within their community or school...

1 in 5 Lesbian/Gay/LGBT students experience physical threats with a weapon or other form of violence on campus...

1 in 5 students experience some form of aggressive bullying in school... (2023)
The One In Five - Foundation For Kids, is a nationally registered, 501c(3) non-profit charity organization. Originally founded in response to the Robb Elementary School shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas in May 2022, the foundation originally operated under, "The Uvalde Foundation For Kids."

Over two years following the Uvalde tragedy & with a renewed nationwide vision, extending beyond Uvalde - The One In Five - Foundation For Kids continues our dedication to changing the cultural trajectory of violence impacting our nation's students & school communities...

From our bullying prevention programming & 24 hour school crisis response outreaches; to our advocacy on behalf of students, families & school communities nationwide - The One In Five Foundation For Kids works tirelessly to end school violence in all forms - Ultimately giving our students a chance at the education & future's they so deserve.
The Foundation asserts that it is only when our nation begins to systematically, politically and on a grassroots level, reverse the "Culture Of Violence;" infiltrating our schools & the future's of our students; that we will begin to reverse the tragic trajectory & impact of violence. From school shootings, to bullying related teen suicide - to students taking guns to their classrooms instead of books - Our students are in crisis!

The Foundation does not underestimate this particular, 'Pandemic,' taking the lives of far too many of our sons and daughters. This does not exclude, of course, those numerous students & staff who have experienced violence in their schools.

In part, The Foundation is accomplishing our mission, by aggressively and thoroughly coordinating efforts through school communities, partner organizations, students, mental health professionals, law enforcement & students themselves; in areas such as bullying prevention, nonviolent communication workshops, volunteer school community citizeb patrols, mental health care seminars, performing arts outreaches, safety training workshops; among other programming. 

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