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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds To Ohio High School Following Student Suicide

Updated: May 5, 2023


3 May 2023 1015pm

Re: Logan High School/Brice Butcher

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

(Texas Headquarters)

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit organization formed following the May 2022 Robb Elementary School Shooting & dedicated to ending school violence, has announced, as of Wednesday evening, that it has received numerous requests for its independent review of the recent bullying related suicide death of 15 year old student, Brice Butcher; a former student at Logan High School.

Foundation officials noted in the release that numerous reports have already been documented on bullying incidents at the school. Family members, among others, have charged the school for failing to intervene on behalf of the student & others students. School officials state that the student had, "Underlying Mental Health issues," which directly related to the 15 year old students suicide.

National Director, Daniel Chapin responded to details on the investigation; in the release stating, "As always the hope is to ensure the concerned voices of loved ones & the school community are heard and acted upon by school administrators; while extending additional mental health & other resources as needed. We seek collaboration while also some answers to what happened.

Should the school have allowed bullying of this young man to continue to the point where he felt no recourse than to end his own life, even after aski. and failed to intervene, they will have some serious accountability to stand for! This precious family deserved more. Brice, deserved more. And students at the school now - they deserve more."

The foundation noted that it will begin to interview students and parents regarding concerns & that this is the 5th suicide death of a student this year in schools across the nation; connected to reports of bullying that the foundation has launched inquiries or responded to.

The foundation has extended additional bullying support resources to the school including a 24 hour student bullying support line. 888 685 8464

Additional Information:

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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