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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Releases Benjamin Franklin HS Safety Investigation Results

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a 501c3 national nonprofit formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting; released Sunday, that following months of investigation, it has completed its independent investigation into ongoing student safety concerns; originally presented in January, by students, staff and parents of Benjamin Franklin High School In Rochester, NY.

The school has failed, according to the foundation, in it's independent safety review.

*Full Report On File

Original Story Release:

Among preliminary results, publicly released Sunday & set to be forwarded to the State Board Of Education, along with school officials; the foundation noted that beyond some added structural and staffing safety measures the school has, "Failed to show any sustainable Improvements In addressing original safety concerns the school community has expressed leading up to and following January's campus incident."

Following the January shooting outside the secondary school, staff, students and direct school community members raised accountability & safety concerns with the national advocacy group out of Texas; asserting that their concerns had gone unaddressed properly by school and district officials.

Students further reported that the shooting event only highlighted increased problems with violence at the school with a random survey last week held by the foundation; revealing that 3 out of 5 parents still remain highly concerned for their students safety & overall well being at the school.

Foundation officials released the following report briefs on Sunday:

- 76 Interviews conducted (52 Students)

3 Unannounced School Visits Performed By Foundation team members. *(2 out of 3 occasions, foundation safety team members gained access to the school uninhibited)

- 11 Random "Safety" Incidents Were Also Reviewed As A Part Of The Review; Including A Review Of The Number Of Times Law Enforcement Has Responded To The Campus Since January's incident, patterns of incidents & a review of the school responses; including administration/parent/teacher debriefing procedures & follow-up protocol were also reviewed.

The foundation stated in its report, that there continues to remain a failure by the school to provide sustainable school safety training, including "Situational Awareness," and active shooter response training to ALL its staff.

- Ongoing concerns were also noted surrounding the school's crisis response communication standards and available student mental health care; so as to provide an increased conflict resolution pattern within the campus to limit internal student violence.

- Inadequate/Inconsistent SRO Operations For Student Population

As a part of its official report, the foundation noted that school officials continued to avoid communication or cooperation with the foundation throughout its review process; however, will also be presented with suggestions for improvement; including:

  • Maintenance & Development of CAMPUS SRO

  • ALL SCHOOL SAFETY MEETINGS BE OPEN TO STAFF, PARENTS & TEACHERS Including the development of a community Organized, "Safety Oversight Team."

  • Increased Monitoring/Safety Patrols To Assess & Maintain Student Safety In External Building Areas (e.g., courtyards/parking areas) With Student/Visitor Entrances & Exits Reduced & Monitored.

The Foundation will review the campus informally in 6 months, as standard to its Investigation protocol.

  • Critical Addendum: Given A Variety Of Factors, Including Student/Staff Population, Location, Size Of School, City Demographic & The Multiple Safety Needs Noted; The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Recognized A Significant Lack of Administrative/DistrictOngoing Training & Personal Support Resources For Staff In Effectively Preparing & Supporting Their Services To Students. This Was Reported In Multiple District Schools.

*Latest Safety Incident - April 2023

*Student Behavioral Support Services:

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