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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Expands School Bullying Investigations To Michigan Middle School

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a National NonProfit Formed In Response To The Robb Elementary School Mass Shooting In Uvalde, Texas & Dedicated To Ending School Violence - Announced Saturday Morning, That It Has Launched An Independent Investigation Into Ongoing Bullying Incidents; Leading To A Recent students suicide following what parents have said is ongoing bullying incidents unaddressed by administrators at Monroe Middle School & Monroe Public Schools In Monroe, Michigan.

Parents & Students Have Reported That Ongoing Student Behavior, Bullying & Violence At The School Has Been Increasing.

Following the Announcement Saturday morning, the Foundation, also opened a 24 hour antibullying line & Crisis intervention line available for students at 888 685 8464 to report incidents of bullying, talk about the recent events and speak to peer/professional support team members if needed.

"The Foundation, noted in its release, that the Michigan school joins a fraternity of schools facing bullying investigations across the nation this month; including the highly controversial death of an 11 year old NEW JERSEY middle schooler; noting in a statement, that it has begun Independent interviews with concerned school members." In the meantime, according to the foundation's founder, Daniel Chapin, "Another bullied student's life has been needlessly lost & another family grieves...

The foundation further noted, that it hopes to aide the school in providing resources to their school community and the students families but stated that the schools current solutions to bullying are inefficient given the true negative and powerful impacts of bullying on students."

Learn More About Our School Investigations.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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