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"Guardian Angels" For Students Headed To Seattle, Washington

Updated: Feb 24

STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrols For West Seattle Community After Student Shot At Local Community Center.


Seattle, Washington. - UPDATED 24 February 2024

A KOMO NEWS Story Reported This Week, That The Foundation's Seattle, WA STOPNOW Patrol Program Has Been Cancelled. This Is Not The Case..

The foundation did have an overwhelming response to our team recruitment & ceased any additional recruitment for new members. However, current & future team training & patrol plans are progressing forward..


Chief Sealth International High School in West Seattle & it's school community continue to seek answers and mourn the tragic loss of 15-year-old Mobarak Adam, who was shot inside a nearby community center on Jan. 23rd. Police continue to search for the individual(s) responsible. As the family & community mourn, seek answers & gather by the hundreds in a recent walkout seeking answers to the incident from officials & for solutions to end increasing student violence - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids STOPNOW TEAMS are preparing to recruit & train volunteers to hit Seattle streets to protect students.


From its Dallas, Texas headquarters, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending school violence & formed in response to the May 2022 Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas; released Tuesday morning, that, in response, they have immediately begun the launch and recruitment for volunteers for their STOPNOW volunteer safety patrols in several West Seattle communities, including the areas surrounding International High School as well as the Southwest Athletic Complex Community Center.

Patrol Teams are not associated or connected to the school itself or Seattle schools.

News Report KOMO NEWS

Foundation STOPNOW Patrols, modeled after the "Guardian Angels," anti crime unit in NYC in the 1980's, patrol school perimeters to minimize & prevent safety incidents from reaching school campuses; while also providing extra encouragement and support for students and school communities & neighborhoods.

The nonprofit also noted in the release that the school patrols are part of an aggressive nationwide grassroots effort by the foundation to prevent violence from coming onto & disrupting school campuses, school communities and endangering student lives; while also serving as an added level of security presence and student support in the immediate off campus neighborhoods.

Patrols are currently ongoing at several historically troubled school neighborhoods or those effected by violence; throughout the nation; including the Covenant School, Morgan State University, Michigan State University & Choctaw High School; all sites of recent student related shootings and threats.


Covenant School Nashville Patrols:

Morgan State University Patrols:

Pulaski County Schools Patrols:

The foundation team director, James Earle, noted in the release Friday night, "The Uvalde Foundation For Kids stands with the community of Seattle in saying, "Enough is enough. We mourn the loss of this young man, even though we knew them not, personally. It was a life that had promise - A life that is now gone. Mobarak deserved a safe neighborhood, a safe community to work, play, learn & grow. Instead gun violence ended his life in a tragic example of the growing epidemic of violence affecting students & school communities throughout Seattle.
We will be training, deploying our patrol teams immediately and are seeking to recruit & train an additional 24 team members by the end of February 2024."

POTENTIAL VOLUNTEERS may email or call 877 780 8527. Team volunteers undergo foundational training prior to the start of the academic year. Team members are cleared through background & drug screening checks & are trained in situational awareness and basic intervention techniques...


Patrol members are unarmed, identifiable by uniform and patrol school neighborhoods in groups of 4-8. Teams do not enter school or district properties as they are separate from district operations, do not collaborate or represent school districts and as such, do not require school district permissions.

Patrol members are recruited from within each community planned for patrols to empower local community members in action to protect their students & school communities.


As an added resource more specific to providing some immediate, additional support resources for the Community, as they deal with the recent tragedy - the foundation has added team members to its 24 hour national school crisis response hotline available at 877 780 8527 or via LIVE ONLINE CHAT. Student peer & professional counselors are now available to the community to serve as a FREE additional resource meant to aide those dealing with the event & the resulting loss.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

877 780 8527



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