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Foundation Completes Investigation Into Student Safety At Washington Middle School

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Nearly Three Months After Launching An Independent Investigation Into Student Safety Concerns & Threats Against Students At North Pines Middle School In Spokane Valley, Washington - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Announced, Early Saturday, That It Has Officially Completed Its Investigations.

  • Full Report On File

The Foundation Reported That Families of Students At The Middle School, In February Of This Year, Requested Foundation's Support; Expressing That Fears For Student Safety Had Gone Unaddressed By The School Itself.

Parents and students further reported to foundation officials that ongoing bullying and unreported violent student behaviors were increasing at the Middle School In recent months.

The Foundation Released Results On The School Prior To Closing Its Investigations; Following Over 40 Interviews With Students, Parents, Staff & The Direct School Community, Coupled With A Thorough Review Of the Schools Overall Safety Plan & Current Adjustments By The School To Implement More Timely, Effective & Feedback Driven Student Safety & Support Objectives. Reports of Student Violence, Including Student Threats Have Significantly Decreased Over An Aproximately 12 Week Period.

Officials Who Reviewed The School Suggested In Their Report That The Middle School Is, "Moving In The Right Direction To Address Student Safety, Which Includes Recognizing Past Discrepancies and implementation of necessary adjustments to their safety plan."

The Foundation Further Stated, That While School Officials Were, "Less Than Cooperative," With The Foundation's Inquiry, The Investigation Pressed Forward On Behalf Of Expressed Concerns & That, While Pleased With The Current Results; The Foundation; Will Continue To Monitor The School Community; Along With A 6 Month Follow-up, As Consistent With Foundation School Investigations Protocol.

  • Foundation Reported Special Concern With School Communication Protocols, Following An "Active," Or "Potential Threat," Including Timeliness & Manner Of Relaying Critical Student Information To Parents, Teachers, etc al.

  • Student Behavioral Support Services: Grade B-

  • Latest Safety Incident - N/A

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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