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Uvalde Nonprofit Announces CST Partners Nashville Clinic For Covenant School Survivors: January 13-14

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids announced early Wednesday morning, a January 13-14 Service Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee for The Covenant School Shooting Survivors By CST PARTNERS.


Founded in response to the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, CST Partners, have been a source of solace and support for survivors of such devastating events as the Covenant School shooting. The organization's work is a testament to the belief that healing is a collective journey, necessitating community support, advocacy, and education. Crisis Support Therapy Partners (CST Partners), is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing complementary therapy services & is a school service partner of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, an equal 501c(3) organization, also formed following the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

In Wednesday mornings release the foundation noted that the January 13-14th service clinic is part of CST Partners' ongoing commitment to supporting those in Nashville & across the nation affected by school shootings, in part by offering healing and resilience through specialized therapies. Clinic times are 9am-430pm, January 13th & 14th. Due to client confidentiality, clinic location is only available to registered participants.



Monica Hamer

CEO and Founder

Crisis Support Therapy Partners



Following the greatly successful clinic held in August 2023, the upcoming event will continue to serve those impacted by the tragic Covenant School shooting last March. CST Partners extends its heartfelt invitation to survivors and the community at large, reaffirming its mission to facilitate trauma recovery through integrative therapeutic approaches.

Clinic Offerings and Opportunities:

The two-day clinic will provide CranioSacral Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Guided Relaxation sessions, conducted by a professional group of advanced trauma-trained volunteer therapists. While many have already signed up, additional slots remain open to eligible individuals for Sound Therapy and Guided Relaxation.

Volunteer Mobilization and Community Support:

CST Partners' volunteers, including therapists from across the country, are preparing to travel to Nashville to offer their services once again. Grateful for the steadfast backing of Nashville’s small business community that has provided meals during service clinics since last summer.

The clinic is free while donations toward the work of CST PARTNERS will be accepted.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Founder, Daniel Chapin, in the announcement presenting the clinic noted, "Our foundation understands the value of addressing the violence crippling our schools such as was illustrated at the Covenant School, on all its levels. The impact of violence on a student and individual is unique to them, and often unseen. Addressing the mental health and the trauma on an ongoing basis with those individuals is critical. It is why we partner with & support organizations such as CST Partners who equally understand that healing is more of a process than a destination. Our organization and partners continue to join the Covenant School & entire Nashville, TN community in that journey. Our work and the work of our partners does not end with, "Thoughts and Prayers."

Jennifer West

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464

Monica Hamer

CEO and Founder

Crisis Support Therapy Partners




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