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Uvalde Hunger Strike Ends - Nonprofit Mission Continues

For Immediate Release

5 April 2024

(National) (Texas)


"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids released Friday morning in an updated statement that founder, Daniel Chapin has now ended a 3 week hunger strike protesting the Uvalde Police Departments handling of the tragic May 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary School.

While the foundation reported that both the City of Uvalde & the Police Department have failed to respond to its concerns sparking the hunger strike, it has renewed encouragement with the placement of a new Police chief in Uvalde that action will be taken to hold first responders accountable. A recent DOJ report noted, "Cascading Failures," in their response to the shooting while a subsequent independent report virtually cleared officers.

Chapin, who was hospitalized several times during the protest, had hoped the hunger strike would elicit more immediate action by city officials to initially remove 3 primary officers who responded to the shooting; stated in the release, that the hiring of a new Police chief & having two children of his own who needed him, "alive & well," prompted the decision to end the current strike.

The foundation vows to continue its efforts however, in Uvalde & nationwide to prevent another tragedy as such from occurring & ensuring those who are responsible for protecting students, do just that..."


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

254 206 9089



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