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Uvalde Foundation Seeks To End School Violence Across The Nation

DALLAS, Texas — As the one-year mark of the Robb Elementary tragedy nears, a Dallas-based non-profit is on a mission to end school violence nationwide.

The Uvalde Foundation for Kids formed after a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers on May 24, 2022.

It took law enforcement 77 minutes to neutralize the shooter, which spawned immense criticism and activism about school safety and gun laws.

“I’ve talked to schools and students and principals all over this country just in the last year and everybody’s heart not only is toward what’s happening in their own schools and districts, but what one of the most common conversations I have is what’s going on in Uvalde, is Uvalde okay, we’re still thinking about them,” said Daniel Chapin, founder and national director of the Uvalde Foundation for Kids.

The foundation’s reach spans coast to coast featuring more than one hundred volunteers from different industry backgrounds, including educators, mental health counselors, law enforcement, and private investigators.

The non-profit has performed numerous independent investigations of school districts in several states impacted by some type of school violence.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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